The ROI of Hiring a Virtual Assistant Sales and Marketing

Let’s discuss the return on investment. Is hiring a virtual assistant sales and marketing worth the investment? Well, a VA is an investment in itself!

The ROI of Hiring a Virtual Assistant Sales and Marketing

What do you think about when you hear “virtual assistant?”

A superhuman sidekick who can do it all? If you think so, you’ve already been touched by the powers of virtual assistance services.

But what if we tell you that it’s time to level up your remote support and get a VA who can deal with your sales pipeline and marketing?

Lots of entrepreneurs and business owners lack the enthusiasm to acquire new sales. They like to focus on the customers that they already have and treat their sales departments as any other—a big no!

There’s too much to lose if you manage things with that kind of mindset. You CAN’T gain more sales with just a simple “Hello.” That one only works in films.

A virtual assistant sales and marketing can help you out! From prospecting to market research, you name it, they can do it all.

Let’s calculate all your return on investment just by bringing in a virtual assistant.

Can Virtual Assistants Do Sales?


A virtual assistant sales can provide sales support, handling a myriad of tasks from customer sales inquiries to market analysis.

While they may not be physically there, this sales assistant can help you understand customer needs and assist you in closing out deals effectively with their profound skills and experience.

Plus, VA for sales can work in different time zones, allowing you round-the-clock customer support. You can hire them full-time or part-time, depending on your needs. In this way, you can ensure efficiency in your daily operation.

How Can a Virtual Assistant Help with Sales and Marketing?

Glad you asked!

You’d be shocked at how much work you can hand over to a virtual assistant. They’re not just good at doing the things that bore you, but they also add flair to your sales and marketing.

Let’s get to the list!

  • Telemarketing

    We know that telemarketing is giving you “the stress” that could last for weeks. But it’s a necessary thing to do for your business, so what can you do?

    Well, what you can do is hire a virtual assistant sales and marketing to vet and approach prospective customers on your behalf—and also to bear the strike of terror when customers put down the phone rudely.

  • Customer Relationship Management

    It takes about three to ten months to build a CRM. Now, managing it is a continuous process that lasts forever. After all, your CRM system needs maintenance to run optimally.

    That’s a lot of tedious work that you can outsource to a virtual assistant. Let them update every customer’s information, integrate tools and make calls to clients you haven’t heard from in a while.

  • Marketing Campaigns

    How have your marketing campaigns been lately? Are they as hollow as they were last month? The thing about a virtual assistant is that you can also think of them as your marketing assistant. They can pitch strategic marketing ideas that can nurture leads at every point of your sales funnel.

  • Lead Generation

    Did you know that about 35% of consumers don’t really understand the value of the products that companies offer? That’s how hard lead generation is.

    It’s challenging to reach out to a niche audience, which is why you better let a virtual assistant sales and marketing take charge of finding and qualifying leads. They can do the research and even create a lead generation database to make sure your campaigns are delivering the right results.

  • Market Research

    The point of market research is to have a better grasp of your consumer base, so you can see better in a wider marketplace. However, conducting market research needs time—about 6 to 7 weeks.

    That’s why we suggest hiring a VA instead of doing it yourself. They can interpret the data for you and spot opportunities as they come.

The ROI of Hiring a Virtual Assistant Sales and Marketing

How can a virtual assistant help you expand and upgrade your business? Bringing someone new to the company always involves costs, so how can they possibly help you level up?

Outsourcing to a VA is an investment in itself—a wise one. Think about all the things this remote professional brings to the table—it’s a lot!

Let’s take a look at how a virtual assistant takes away all the complexities of your work while boosting your marketing and sales.

  • A Virtual Assistant Can Get Clients Without Exhausting Your Resources

    You need a strong marketing strategy, so why not hire a virtual assistant? VAs can craft new ideas and work on the things that you already have and amplify them. For instance, they can write engaging posts that make your audience fall in love with you and lure others to do the same.

    Word-of-mouth is an act of advice that knows trust, which means it’s more impactful than any paid ads.

    A skilled VA can pitch and manage marketing campaigns to expand your reach, build your brand without having to pay for exposures and form business relationships that you can capitalize on. Instead of spending money, you can get free reviews and backlinks for blog posts that can help your online presence.

  • Virtual Assistant Can Boost Your Online Presence Via Social Media

    We’ll never get tired of reminding you that there are over 4 billion social media lurkers around the world every day. And a virtual assistant can help you take advantage of that.

    Your VA can implement strategies that align with your audience’s interests and brand’s voice. They can create relevant posts, curate content, follow up on your followers and update them on the latest offerings. They make sure your brand’s message gets to your targeted consumers at the right time, increasing the probability of conversion.

    Through social media strategies, you can increase your online presence and further your reach.

  • A Virtual Assistant Can Encourage Quality Customer Experience

    Customer experience starts even before a purchase is made. It’s a feeling before someone becomes a customer and whether or not they’ll ever be.

    The time you’re reaching out to clients is a critical decision-making phase for customers. And that’s when you need a virtual assistant to be your first point of contact. They’ll ensure a timely and personalized reply is on its way and that no customer is ever ignored.

    Not only that, VAs will bring in “hot leads” to your sales funnel. The point is that a virtual assistant sales will bring forth a quality customer experience while lightening your workload.

  • A Virtual Assistant Can Automate Sales and Marketing Processes for Scalability

    The scalability that you can achieve with a virtual assistant leveraging automation ensures that your overhead costs stay low while your sales and marketing efforts scale effortlessly. This can help you operate efficiently and drive sustainable growth.

    Instead of getting bogged down with scheduling meetings or running campaigns, these remote representatives efficiently take care of the important facets of your sales and marketing processes and ensure you close deals.

  • A Virtual Assistant Uses Analytics for Well-Informed Decisions

    If you have the right data, you can track sales trends and customer behavior. Dynamics that are important in making a well-informed business decision.

    This is the realm of a virtual assistant. They can use data as a strategic advantage. With their support, you get insights beyond the numbers. You’re diving into the nuances of these patterns and trends and have a thorough understanding of what’s behind your sales or marketing performance.

    In this way, you can be proactive, make adjustments, craft better sales strategies and forecast the future—things you need to meet the changing demands of the data-driven market.

FAQs for Hiring a Virtual Assistant Sales and Marketing

  • What Does a Marketing Virtual Assistant Do?

    A marketing virtual assistant performs administrative duties for your marketing department. They support the development, execution and management of marketing campaigns. They can engage with customers, collect feedback and create marketing performance reports.

  • What Does a Virtual Sales Person Do?

    A virtual salesperson is responsible for marketing a product or a service online to new and existing customers. They follow up on leads, manage CRM and provide any sort of assistance to make sure customers have a smooth buying experience.

Hire a Virtual Assistant Sales and Marketing ASAP!

As you can see, the ROI of hiring a virtual assistant for sales and marketing is undeniable. These skilled VAs understand how to maximize sales so you can earn more and scale faster.

As we go further into the future, these virtual professionals will play an even more pivotal role in optimizing your sales and marketing operations.

So, why don’t you start now? Gain a competitive head start—hire a virtual assistant!