What Industries Use Virtual Assistants? (8 Biggest Industries)

Running a business doesn’t have to be hard—when any company can benefit from a remote professional. What industries use virtual assistants? Let's find out.

Mm, who would use a virtual assistant?

Nowadays, the fast-moving business environment wants you to take advantage of the latest tech in the market to stand out. It also wants you to be creative in finding the right people for the right job.

One of the best ways to achieve both is to use a virtual assistant—a cost-effective staffing solution that’s been making torrent waves these days.

These professionals can support any organization. More than just your secretary, they’re social media managers, event organizers, content writers, troubleshooters and so much more, offering pivotal aid to entrepreneurs looking to work efficiently and scale faster.

Thanks to this groundbreaking solution, many business sectors in the world can reap the benefits of delegation and thus experience a major boom in their industries.

Let’s find out what industries use virtual assistants.

The Role of a Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are becoming really popular, so most likely, you have heard about these remote workers or know someone who has worked with one.

But as you sit there witnessing all the excitement surrounding virtual assistant services, you’re beginning to question whether bringing in a VA for your company actually makes sense.

Virtual assistants are jacks of all trades. They can do many different types of work, from accounting and social media management to lead generation, with the ease of an expert. And don’t you start talking about their adaptability and flexibility, VAs can move through the motions of your fluctuating demands without the financial burden.

You can invest in someone who can give you time, value and sustainable growth across various sectors of your operation.

Do Businesses Need Virtual Assistants?

As a business owner, you probably have to claw your way out every day with the way your company demands from you. Managing all these responsibilities—marketing, bookkeeping, customer service—can be very difficult. How can you find time to grow your business if all your hours and energy are spent on menial activities?

Enter a virtual assistant.

How Can a Virtual Assistant Help Your Business?

The biggest benefit of hiring a virtual assistant is time.

When you’re running a company, chances are you’re constantly pushing for time. You don’t have enough of it considering you’re drowning in the small stuff each day.

A virtual assistant takes over all the necessary but consuming low-value jobs that are currently eating up a huge chunk of your time.

A VA comes fully decked. You won’t have to provide office space, a computer or a phone. They come prepared and ready. Apart from awarding you more time, there’s a huge saving to be had too.

This is why every year more and more companies across various industries are thriving with a VA's help. As such, the demand for virtual assistant services continues to skyrocket.

Virtual Assistant is What Industry?

Virtual assistants fit in really well in almost every industry.

So, which industry needs a virtual assistant?

We’ve gathered the top 8 biggest industries that utilize virtual assistant services. With the VA’s help, these companies were able to achieve growth.

  • Information Technology

    One of the very first industries to embrace virtual assistants is the information technology sector. For remote workers, this is the top answer in “What industries use virtual assistants.” Back in 2021, almost 63% of software developer jobs were offshore.

    Virtual assistants provide a plethora of services to support IT business including administrative work, website maintenance, writing codes, data management and so much more.

    This is perhaps the most remote-friendly industry in the world.

  • Marketing

    We’re pretty much living and breathing in the online world—ahem, social media. This is why a big chunk of marketing campaigns are targeted across social media channels because that’s where people spend most of their time.

    From Facebook to TikTok, advertising in these online spaces is no small task. For business owners, it would take too much time to do it alone.

    A virtual assistant who knows their way around these platforms can offer valuable expertise. They are equipped with the latest trends and tricks that can generate the most attention and win more conversions.

  • Healthcare

    The healthcare industry has always been very demanding, but even more so nowadays with the continuous rise of various medical services. That’s why hospitals, clinics and MedTech companies have started delegating to a virtual assistant.

    Around 45% of healthcare employee support is remote. A VA can manage a variety of jobs, such as transcribing notes into a digital format, evaluating patient care, answering phone calls and sometimes doing personal chores upon the request of the doctor.

    Some remote assistants are even trained and experienced in the medical field. This allows them to perform competently in handling medical records and insurance processing.

    Medical practitioners have found great value in having the support of a VA.

  • E-Commerce

    E-commerce, as in electronic commerce, is primarily the practice of buying and selling goods on the Internet. So, of course, this has to be one of the biggest industries that has taken advantage of virtual assistant services.

    Offshore professionals have been instrumental in keeping digital storefronts smoothly running. Everything from customer service to order processing, a VA can help maintain your shop’s maintenance. They can craft marketing campaigns and help you reach out to customers and wholesalers.

    By investing in a virtual assistant, you can start building your brand and exploring new sales channels.

  • Legal

    Law is a constant, high-pressure environment. Even if you’re not running a legal firm, being a lawyer means grappling with complex cases, tight deadlines and at times, fluctuating emotions, all of which elevate stress so instantly.

    So, yes, legal professionals have rallied behind the VA bandwagon. Virtual assistants can assist with the basics of administrative tasks, keeping you organized and focused on cases. This way, you can provide top-notch service to clients and create a more stable and efficient legal operation.

  • Entertainment

    For people with a creative spirit, virtual assistants can be game-changers.

    Photographers, artists, and musicians are among those who want to put their creativity first instead of spending it doing admin work. All of these admin tasks, while essential, are stifling their creative zone.

    This is why virtual assistants are brought in to handle the boring stuff—scheduling appointments and making calls—just so these talents can focus on their work and stay inspired without interruption.

  • Real Estate

    Did you know that real estate is the biggest asset class in the entire world? Yes, around $613.60 trillion in 2023. With the way businesses in this field are skyrocketing, it’s no wonder that virtual assistants are often contracted, so professionals in the real estate industry can better manage their time.

    VAs are proficient in performing various admin duties like property sourcing, project management and database management. They can help identify market opportunities and ensure a more efficient sales process.

  • Finance and Accounting

    If you’re a small firm, you spend about 12 hours a week doing bookkeeping. That’s a lot of time considering there are only 40 hours in a work week. Do you need to take care of your financial health? Yes. Do you need support in handling it? Definitely yes!

    Many virtual assistants are skilled in accounting, and they are a boon for any business that hires them. They specialized in accounting software, transaction reconciliations and preparing financial data.

    With their adequate and very cost-effective service, we may add, business owners can rest easy knowing their financial health is looked after by such capable hands.

Young Startups and Virtual Assistants

About 90% of startups fail, and 10% of them do so in a year. This tells us that when you’re building a startup, time and precision are crucial.

Startups don’t have the same resources as big companies. They can’t afford to hire a large number of employees, even when they need to, as the orders keep coming with their increasing customer base.

With the constant challenges of daily tasks, startups can rely on a virtual assistant. Unlike traditional hires, they are more economical and easily scalable. This offshore help can handle various jobs to maximize efficiency and productivity.

Future-Proof Your Business Right Now with the Help of a VA

Sure, no one knows your business better than you do. But it doesn’t mean you have to do everything on your own.

Whatever industry you’re in, it’s pretty obvious that VAs are a nice addition to your business operations arsenal.

By taking advantage of them, you can easily meet your demands and adapt to the changing market—just like the 8 industries that made virtual assistant services a huge part of their machinery.

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