Why Virtual Assistant is Important? (The Big 6 Reasons)

Why Virtual Assistant is Important? (The Big 6 Reasons)

Over the last few years, the virtual assistant industry has impressively boomed, looking set to pull more traction in the coming years.

Ergo, why virtual assistant is important?

Running a company is no easy task. It takes a whole village to run a business, but in your case, you’re the entire colony running the show. From being the accountant, marketer, and staff manager to a content creator, you’re the most versatile person in the office.

However, winning the mister or miss “all-rounder” award isn’t really the goal here; it’s staying efficient, and ultimately growing the business. You know what you need? Virtual assistants.

How can they help you and your business?

In this article, we will highlight the big 6 reasons why virtual assistant is important for you and your company. We’ll also cover the top industries that should hire a virtual employee.

What is a Virtua Assistant?

A virtual assistant is an office professional support who caters to all your business-related activities straight from their own home.

Generally speaking, working with a VA is the same thing as having your own employee but with more versatility and efficiency.

Is There a Need for Virtual Assistants? Why Do I Need a VA?

Yes, the need for virtual assistants is sky-high, and that demand is reflected in the need to optimize operations, save resources and boost productivity.

Nowadays, many business people struggle with their daily tasks, not having the time to complete all of them.

A virtual assistant is hell-bent on making your life easier, be it in the office or at home. They can reduce overwhelm and keep you on track by doing the mundane repetitive tasks that consume much of your schedule.

Just envision the time that you can save NOT doing the non-essential chores, you can use the extra resource to invest in strategic plans that can actually grow your business.

What Can Virtual Assistants Do?

There is a long list of tasks that a virtual assistant can offer to your company, depending on their skills and abilities.

Typically, a remote worker handles specific tasks like answering phone calls or basic invoicing. However, as the industry continues to rise, you can now experience VA services in a more specialized manner.

Here are the tasks that you can outsource to a virtual assistant.

  • Accounting: A virtual assistant can assist you with finance management such as creating financial reports and tracking the company’s expenses.

  • Customer Support: Experts at handling a wide range of customer service chores, a virtual assistant can offer timely customer support and overall improve customer satisfaction.

  • Social Media Management: Social media is where you can find and raise loyal fans in real-time, a virtual assistant can help with online campaigns and attract new customers.

  • Administrative: Virtual assistants are the “modern secretaries” who can do various admin activities like calendar management.

  • Digital marketing: Success lies in great marketing; thus, you need a digital marketing VA to run email campaigns and create sales funnels.

Who Would Benefit from a Virtual Assistant?

While every business owner and entrepreneur who wants to do more with less can benefit from outsourcing a virtual employee, below are the top three industries that can use the help of a virtual assistant.

  • IT

    In 2022, the global IT outsourcing market size was valued at $639.59 billion and is expected to rise at an annual growth rate of 8.0% in the coming years. Simply put, IT is the most outsourced business department, where 300,000 jobs are being outsourced in the US alone, each year.

    From providing quality technical support to every technology issue in between, many tech companies are reaping the rewards of outsourcing their IT operations.

  • Accounting

    Accounting is one of the most daunting tasks ever. Payroll processing? Bank reconciliations? Having a virtual assistant who has a knack for numbers and balance sheets, with a keen eye for detail can help reduce your distress and make sure your financial standing is at its healthiest.

  • Marketing

    Marketing is an important aspect of your business that you should invest in. Fortunately, in today’s digital era, it has become easier to do marketing. How so? Modern-day entrepreneurs can now outsource their marketing functions to a virtual assistant.

    If you need someone to run social media campaigns or do market research, you can always rely on a remote worker to quickly scale your marketing efforts.

Why Virtual Assistant Is Important?

Since you’re scrolling this blog, we take it that you have an idea of the many potential benefits of a virtual assistant—from saving time and money and more productivity.

But to give you a more in-depth breakdown, read on the big 6 benefits of having a virtual assistant around.

  • VAs Can Save You Loads of Time!

    It's taxing to run your own business, right? You have so many things to do that you can barely wrap your head around them. Instead of doing everything on your own and playing hero, you can confine to a virtual assistant. They can give you loads of time to pursue larger business goals and achieve growth eventually.

    Remote employees typically work at different time zones, you can use this advantage too to increase your normal operating hours. So, even when you’re sleeping, your business is getting support for time-sensitive tasks and covering more clients.

  • VAs Can Reduce Costs.

    It’s not a secret that hiring a full-time employee is very costly. Think about the monthly salary, compensation benefits, insurance, rent and office equipment, ooh, the increasing tab is creepy-crawly.

    If you ever decide to hire a virtual assistant, you can save as much as 78% in operating costs in a year. VAs only get paid for the number of hours they complete the tasks. Also, they hail from countries like the Philippines, which have lower costs of living compared to the states in the West.

    More than that, virtual assistants can be acquired easily, thanks to virtual assistant agencies and freelance marketplaces. They come equipped with the skills you’re looking for, so you don’t need to pay for extensive training.

  • VAs Can Scale Your Operations Faster.

    When you’re running a company, you know how hard it is to make business predictions—what’s going to happen next month? Or the next months after that?

    Hiring a full-time employee is a big investment. You need to pay for rent, utilities and other necessary costs. When you work with a remote worker, it’s entirely a different matter. You can hire VAs only when you need them, and scale the operation up or down when the demand calls for it, with no corresponding financial burden.

  • It Can Expand Your Reach.

    Today, having an online presence is a must. According to online shopping statistics, 70% of Americans do their shopping online. By 2026, the global retail sales will be 24% made digitally. To keep up with this pace, you have to stretch your digital wings.

    A strong digital marketing plan is pivotal to attracting new audiences, sorting through the leads and turning them into loyal customers. If you don’t have the resources to create an in-house marketing team, virtual assistants can be your best alternative. They can boost brand awareness and grow your online presence.

  • VAs Can Give You MORE Focus.

    Why virtual assistant is important? They can help you focus.

    As a business owner, you have endless things to do, but apparently, you CAN’T concentrate on the core ones because the non-core activities have been eating your time—research, accounting and so on.

    While these tasks are also important, you can easily delegate them to someone else, so you can spend time on tasks that need your attention. By virtue of outsourcing, you have fewer things to worry about, gaining more focus to set goals for long-term success.

  • VAs Can Boost Productivity.

    Yes, virtual assistants are taskmasters, but beyond that, they’re also experts in marketing, content creation and web development. With their skills and experience, they are capable of completing tasks faster than if you would do it yourself. This can lead to better productivity.

    What’s more? Virtual assistants can work from anywhere which means no commuting, unnecessary breaks or chitchats with colleagues. To get paid, they have to get things done which is why they know how to set their priorities straight.


Should you hire a virtual assistant? Of course!

Virtual assistants can help your business in so many ways. That’s why it's essential that you consider working with one to complete tasks without wasting resources.

So, where can you find a trustworthy virtual assistant? VAV Remote has a pool of talented professionals who can offer excellent quality service at an affordable price.

Empower your business today; book a consultation.