The Advantage You Need to Compete; Delegate Marketing Tasks

The leverage you need to compete is right here. Learn how to delegate marketing tasks and generate impressive business growth better than your competition.

You know, handling marketing tasks is never easy. It can get really annoying and tiresome especially if you decide to do it yourself.

While we don’t discourage self-driven entrepreneurs to take matters into their own hands, let’s face it, you can only be strong at certain levels of marketing. Other tasks will probably eat your time and drive you insane.

So, how do you keep your daily business operation smooth? How do you manage your social media and run your campaigns simultaneously? There’s got to be a workable trick, right?

Well, with your delegator talent, you might just succeed in venturing towards success without getting lost in the hustling daily minutiae.

Yes, DELEGATION — that one powerful maneuver that can keep your company’s growth, steady and sustainable.

It can be challenging to build your marketing from scratch and work your way through the trenches. But with a smart move to delegate marketing tasks, you’ll get there eventually.

Delegate Tasks: Why It Matters

Gallup research explains that founders who have and use high delegator talent can generate better business growth and venture success than leaders who get lost in the day-to-day minutiae of managing a business.

What Are Delegate Duties?

Delegation happens when you transfer responsibility for fulfilling tasks to another party.

Though it doesn’t involve handing over contractual rights, delegation is essential because it opens up your time for activities that heavily require your attention and are far more pressing. It allows you to maximize and capitalize on your resources.

It can also present empowerment within the organization for delegation ensues value and respect among team members.

That said, delegation is not simply throwing off your workload to another person.

More than strong workflow organization and building morale, to delegate marketing tasks means enhancing your productivity.

With smart delegation, you can guarantee that the quality of projects is met without compromising deadlines.

What Tasks Should Be Delegated?

If you think micromanagement will relieve your workload, think again.

Micromanaging is a recipe for disaster, people.

It’s about time to stop your adamance of handing over tasks to remote workers—thinking, “Oh, they’re not up for the job.”

When you’re finally getting off the ground, it’s not wise to DIY auxiliary activities.

From virtual assistant for coaches to real estate virtual assistant, there are plenty of virtual experts to tap into, so that you won’t lose your most precious resource; time.

Choose efficiency and consider delegating these repetitive daily business tasks.

  • Bookkeeping
  • Administrative
  • Customer Service
  • Marketing
  • IT
  • Content Creation
  • Data Entry
  • Email Management
  • Website Management
  • Graphic and Design Work
  • Video Editing

What Are the Tasks of Marketing?

It’s tough to do a myriad of marketing tasks when you’re only one person. But with delegation, you can avoid an overload of marketing-related functions.

As Andrew Carnegie once emphasized, “No person will make a great business who wants to do it all themselves or get all the credit.

Here are the important marketing tasks that you can delegate to your VA.

  • Lead Prospecting

    Okay, looking for quality leads that might one day be your customers is quite taxing.

    From searching to leading people down the sales funnel can take hours from your timetable.

    So, to make sure that you can reach out to as many leads as you can and successfully weed out the bad ones, consider delegating marketing tasks to a virtual assistant.

  • Socia Media Management

    In this digital age, nobody’s sleeping on social media.

    We’re talking about millions if not billions of people constantly engaging in these social platforms; commenting and sharing content.

    Knowing this, as a business owner, you should hover in front of this opportunity.

    When you delegate marketing tasks to a remote worker, you can keep your social media feeds present and active.

    Additionally, you get to capitalize on social media popularity with branding and marketing campaigns as well.

    As you know brand awareness is vital to every organization. Customers have to know what you’re about.

    And since nowadays, people reroute to social channels to learn about products, this is the best time to drive impact and loyalty through a VA hire.

  • Market Research

    Market research is impeccable in understanding customers, competition and product developments.

    This is why a virtual professional is a handy addition to your team; creating, sending and organizing data results that you can use for effective planning.

    When you’re delegating marketing tasks, the focus becomes entirely directed to what must be done, so you’re well-equipped into leading your business to the future.

  • Content Creation and Planning

    What content to share? When should you share the content?

    Answering these questions is important in showcasing your brand. You need to craft the most entertaining and engaging topics across the vast audience on the internet, in a perfectly timed occurrence.

    Remember, content is king! But knowing what to share and when to share it makes a huge difference.

    So, if you’re short on time to play the part, delegate this marketing digital task to a reliable virtual assistant. They’ll plan themes, create content and set timelines for you.

  • Content Repurposing

    There’s something great that can be salvaged from what already exists.

    And when it comes to posting content, you can very much recycle. You can do so by expanding existing content through format transformation.

    For example, you can turn a video interview into a blog post, or a blog post into an infographic.

    This can be tedious when you’re alone, but when you learn to delegate marketing tasks to a VA, producing quality content and bolstering your reach is a lot more flowing and achievable.

  • Email Management

    The best way to connect with customers is through email marketing.

    Versus social media, you’re most likely to get higher click rates, 6 times more than tweets in fact, when you’re stacking up your email list to the brim.

    That is if you can manage your email.

    To delegate marketing tasks to a virtual worker can help you sort out email addresses from the ones active to idle.

    They can also ensure your campaigns land on their destination with a full-on grasp of the engagement results.

  • Image Creation and Editing

    What did we tell you? When content fails, images can convey even the most complicated of messages.

    Graphics make a great selling point no matter what industry you’re in. But getting right on the graphics takes talent and time, you need a professional designer for that.

    Enter your virtual assistant hire.

    Your skilled VA will look for suitable pictures, tinker and integrate them into your content to increase your brand’s appeal.

How Do You Delegate Marketing Tasks?

Now that you know which marketing tasks should be delegated, it’s time to carry out the deed.

Below are a few tips on how to go about delegating your marketing tasks.

  • Establish Clear Objectives

    To delegate marketing tasks strongly, everyone should know the objective of each task and how it works in the overall vision of the company.

    Before even beginning work, all team members must be provided with this information. In this way, they will understand the goal and how it should be gauged.

  • Identify the Areas You Need Help

    What areas in your work do you need help with?

    Make time to recognize the pain points and whether these responsibilities can be shared.

    By thorough evaluation, you can get to your goal, fast and easy.

  • Create Detailed Instructions

    Step-by-step instruction on how to maneuver several marketing tasks ensures that everyone within the organization is in sync as to what to do and when to do the assignment.

    This will not only clear confusion but also remove mix-ups in the future.

  • Set Accountability

    As you work on to delegate marking tasks, it is important to also set responsibilities on who’s accountable for each task especially when you’re collaborating with others.

  • Monitor Progress

    For the processes to run effectively, a regular business report is a must, detailing the completed tasks and the goals for the day.

    Monitoring progress allows major visibility on all parts of the operation.

    Having this visibility promotes effective communication which is essential in building a positive atmosphere and teamwork.

  • Provide and Analyze Feedback

    Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary.

    This phrase is never truer when you delegate marketing tasks where working employees directly answer to marketing experts.

    Offering suggestions is not an aim of persecution, it is a much-needed recommendation to improve the team’s quality of work and to acquire a better understanding of each task.

Wrapping Up!

To become a successful leader, you must learn to be open to new and interesting systems that can run your project workflow more smoothly.

And understanding how to delegate marketing tasks is a great start for setting that tone.

When you delegate marketing tasks correctly, your business will be a thousand-fold more effective.