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Assistant Virtuel

For most small business entrepreneurs, there are often not enough hours in a day to complete all the daily tasks. If you really want to increase your efficiency and focus on the most important aspects of your business, a virtual assistant can be a real asset to your business.

Our virtual assistants can save you valuable time on all your low value-added tasks that do not require strategic decision-making.

We will find the right assistant for you according to your requirements, the required hours and the areas of expertise you are looking for.

What is a virtual assistant and how to work with him/her?

A virtual assistant works remotely - so you will not need to invest in office workspace - buying or renting . He/ she can do all the tasks you need, provided he/she has been given simple instructions guidelines to follow.

Although at a distance, it will not be difficult to collaborate with him/her. Applications and tools like Dropbox, Google Drive and Skype will facilitate the communication and the follow-up of his/her work..

Assistant Virtuel

What can a virtual assistant do?

All that can be accomplished with the help of a computer, the virtual assistant can do it for you: accounting, management of a website, search for airline tickets ... The possibilities are numerous. Give him all the tasks that are "greedy" in on time and that prevent you from concentrating 100% on the essentials.

To ensure the efficiency of your work, a relationship of trust must be established between you and your virtual assistant.

Why take a virtual assistant, what are the benefits?

Highly qualified staff

We guarantee you serious and quality work. We exercise regular and unannounced controls at his/her place of work. The work instructions are followed to the letter to always guarantee the satisfaction of the customers.

Savings on hiring

By working with a virtual assistant or virtual assistants, you will save on the cost of hiring full-time employees. You will not have to worry about social security contributions and staff costs. Outsourcing services also saves on renting workspace.

Diversity of work

You can outsource a wide range of tasks. Virtual assistants can handle secretarial, administrative, business, HR and recruitment, marketing and even more technical tasks, such as web site development or web design.

Availability of your assistant

You communicate in real time with your personal assistant by phone, e-mail, video conference. You can call anytime from your phone on a national number (cost of a local or free communication over the Internet). You have access to his/her desktop and can view live his/her work if necessary.

Pay only for time spent on projects

You only pay for time spent on projects and the work can be done outside normal office hours.

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