Is Working with a Marketing Virtual Assistant Rewarding? Find Out, if It’s Time to Hire One

Find out if it’s time to hore a Marketing Virtual Assistant

Getting off late from the office, again? Yet, you still have tons of workload screaming in a pile on your desk. You’re not being slothful —when a new business grows, so can the challenges, demands, and opportunities.

It’s a nice problem to have until your head starts banging from having so much work to do with very little time. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way.

With a sharper approach, you can get the job done without working so tirelessly to generate that stream of revenue.Work smarter, not harder; take all the help you can get and start Hiring Virtual Personal Assistants Online.

What Is a Marketing Virtual Assistant?

Companies say MARKETING is the heart of business success —we couldn’t have agreed more!

Thus, with the rise of the internet, online marketing has become the new trend and a major battleground for any industry to boost brand visibility and turn prospects into patrons.

According to Sprout Social research, one out of three people find new brands and services through social media.

What does that tell us?

For a small business to take root and make haste for a greener pasture, it’s highly imperative to look towards the digital channel for the global marketplace.

So, when it’s time to tap the online market pulse, an extra hand of marketing experts will leave a lasting impact on a broad range of marketing functions with their diverse skill sets.

To fully leverage digital marketing techniques without breaking the bank, hiring a virtual assistant (VA) is a great start.

A marketing virtual assistant is a marketing professional who works remotely from all parts of the globe to support the digital marketing efforts of your marketing team.

The best thing about working with a VA is that you get flexible access to your company’s needs in a cost-effective manner.

They offer a wide selection of services from administrative tasks, target market research, and social media management to writing content.

While you may not see them face to face, they come equipped and ready to make work easier for you.

How Does a Marketing VA Help the Business Grow?

Should You Hire A Remote Administrative Assistant? Why would you hire remotely when you could employ someone who shows up in the office?

Simple; with hiring a full-time employee, operating cost stacks up really fast with less productivity.

Social marketing? Google digital marketing? Whatever the job description entails, there is no denying that marketing virtual assistants get the job done without putting holes in your pocket.

They can work full-time or part-time and set their own hours which leads to more work done, unlike the more traditional alternative.

Still need more convincing? Scan through and find out how a marketing virtual assistant profits your business in the digital sphere.

E-Marketing Assistance

What other reason to hire a virtual marketer than to cater to your marketing needs?

With the power of the internet, E-marketing has now become the universal channel of marketing efforts. That’s why hiring a VA is preferably advantageous; a talented pool in a much more flexible work phase in the most economical way.

That being said, here’s the list of E-marketing tools your virtual angels can assist you with:

1. Search Engine Marketing

A pipeline of potential consumers, Search Engine Marketing or SEM is the most effective SEO marketing strategy in an excessively aggressive digital market space.

With the help of a marketing virtual assistant proficient in SEO and SEM, you can ensure product visibility on search engine result pages by creating quality content, targeted keywords, and advanced HTML elements focused on meta description, alt text, heading, and title tags.

2. Content Marketing

Nowadays, if you want to create traffic, leads, and sales, then there’s no better way to raise brand presence among the general consumer than content marketing. It is one of the pivotal components of inbound marketing besides SEO and email marketing.

In the business landscape, the VA marketer will help create, manage and share quality content in the forms of blog posts, videos, and podcasts to entice a wider and much-defined audience, for better social media traction.

3. B2B Marketing

As the name implies, business-to-business marketing is a marketing strategy for a product or a service used by a company to sell to another business or organization.

e in point, mapping out the consumer journey and understanding the overall process before buyers purchase a specific commodity allows for a better grasp on how to best market a product. This is where a virtual marketeer comes in to delve into awareness and consideration and forge brand loyalty in the long run.

4. Email Marketing

Email marketing is a direct marketing tool that lets a business promote a new product, and share updates and sales with customers via email.

With your hectic schedule, you might miss taking advantage of this basic yet powerful marketing avenue. To make sure that doesn’t happen, get your clients to remember you and hire a marketing VA. They will keep in touch with your target market through a string of promotional emails, dedication send, and monthly newsletters.

5. Facebook Marketing

So, they say, Facebook is now the internet. Well, they have a claim to —the social networking site has over 1.56 billion daily users.

To get your brand out there in the marketing scene, it is crucial to engage in free social media. Hence, it does wonders to hire a virtual assistant who will bid for the clicks through campaign impressions and lead generation.

Expand Consumer Base

Your customers are the bread and butter of the business. All the marketing efforts are for nothing if you cannot gain clients to drive sales and increase profitability.

So, widen your reach, and get a marketing VA on board with the team to make sure that a simple visit eventually turns into a paying advocate. Trained to adhere to the right marketing strategies, a virtual assistant will run campaigns, handle your website, do social marketing and conduct research to keep you in the game anywhere else in the world.

How To Spot the Right Marketing Virtual Assistant for Your Business

Okay, so you’ve decided to finally hire that marketing virtual assistant to support you with the repetitive but essential core tasks. Smart move!

Now the next question is; with so many skilled prospects scattered across cyberspace, what sort of VA fits you? And how would you find one?

Well, you’re in luck because we’ve rounded up some guidelines to help you identify and decide which candidate is the right person. You can also check out some Tips on Hiring A Virtual Sales Assistant —and take your business to the next level.

Read on and maximize your outsourcing efforts.

1. What do you need?

  • - Before you start rounding out prospects for an interview, you have to know the main objective of why you’re a hiring virtual personnel. Ask yourself, what are the qualifications, tasks they must accomplish, and skills you need?
  • - By getting the outline of the job specification, you can easily recognize the person you want to hire without wasting time.

2. Interview Questions

  • - You want to have the clearest idea if that applicant is what you need? You can do so by asking the right marketing questions.
  • - One of the key elements of the recruitment process is a comprehensive interview. This will help you evaluate if a candidate has the skills and personality that align with your needs and goals.

3. Background Checking

  • - Set and ready for hiring? Not so fast, knowing what you need and doing an interview isn’t enough. To get a better handle on the job seekers’ authenticity, background checking is highly commendable.
  • - Besides finding out the prospect’s clear fitness for the job, conducting a background investigation with previous employers will give you knowledge of their strengths, where to improve, and what training to provide.


To hire or not to hire a virtual assistant— is NO longer a question.

You NEED and MUST hire one.

With the continual ascent of the world wide web, social media networks, smartphones, and laptops have dominated and changed the lives of all the intellectual billions on earth.

Thus, what used to work before, seemed unimportant in the fast-paced digital age.

Today, to win the marketing game, you need to engage armed with marketing strategies adhering to the digital conventional implements with a broader reach and refined targeting. Redress the old ways for a newer set of skills and tools, imperative in a more flexible, Work-from-Anywhere environment.

Kickstart and grow your small business to a profitable empire now; build smart and HIRE A MARKETING VIRTUAL ASSISTANT.