Telemarketing Facts and Mistakes: Outsourcing, Prospecting, and More

Telemarketing Facts and Mistakes: Outsourcing, Prospecting, and More

Telemarketing calls can be really annoying.

Bunch of marketing pitches here and there, sounding like a bad script in a fast call.

Selling things, you don’t need and have no interest in.

Yet, despite the intrusive reputation, there’s no doubt that telemarketing is one of the most effective marketing tools out there to grow a company to a whole new level.

It builds connections with people and expands your business reach.

What could be better than that?

So, take the opportunity, and make that telemarketing call.

What is Telemarketing?

Telemarketing is the practice of calling potential clients, used as a tactic to reach a wider audience and increase sales.

Why Outsource your Telemarketing?

Many companies still rely on their in-house marketing campaigns, because they believe that working with someone within the organization is the smartest way to support their telephone prospective service.

Who better to represent the company than the actual employees inside, right? And how hard could it be to make calls?

But the advent of the internet has paved the way for more effectual work arrangements like outsourcing.

And when it comes to telemarketing, outsourcing is the best route for any growing firm, whether short or long-term.

Although on the surface, outsourcing telemarketing may not be cost-effective and sharp.

But being a telemarketer isn’t as simple as talking over the phone.

It requires very specific skills to do it.

And outsourcing them means getting your hands on quality-trained people who are proficient in computer programs, fluent in English, and knowledgeable in making negotiations and dealing with complaints.

Why Outsource Sales Prospecting?

The first step you need to take to grow the business is to increase sales.

How will you do that?

You can do so by looking at your prospects which are the potential clients you want to sell products or services.

Look after them and raise them, and from there, you will amazingly grow your revenue.

Prospecting is the trickiest and least fun part of telephone marketing, nevertheless, it is one of the most important aspects—a telemarketing sort that you need to pay close attention to and take advantage too.

If you don’t, then you’d be missing some of these great benefits, an outsourced sales prospecting can offer you.

Reduced Costs

Outsourcing might be a word that sounds expensive, but in real work, it is the cheapest way around.

If you do in-house telemarketing, it implies expanding your business and raising a team —that sounds more costly, right?

Outsourcing your telemarketing reduces costs because you don’t have to deal with extra employee benefits and other operations investments like software and equipment.

Just like a Marketing Virtual Assistant, a telemarketing specialist comes prepared and ready with all the software and hardware tools in place.

You don’t even need a central office to run things, because they can do their job from anywhere.

Simple Collaboration and Easy Follow-Up

If you ever outsourced your telemarketing, then you need only worry about things that matter.

Though in the beginning, you will have to invest time to build your collaboration.

But with a skilled telemarketer onboard and a reliable outsourced solution that you’re collaborating with, you won’t have to put much effort into performance management and monitoring each day. They will handle things for you, effectively.

And as you go through the process, you will gain quality leads for your next sales and be able to set up a smooth follow-up method, shareable in the organization.

Quality Customer Service

There are tons of perks to having an actual human talk to a customer than a chatbot.

But even more so, when you have a dedicated and experienced outsourced telemarketer who can communicate properly and take ownership of your audience's grievances, demands, and needs.

Not only will you get to build a strong relationship and rapport with your clients, but you also provide an interactive service where queries can be addressed directly and accurately.

With how things are flowing, in due time, it is possible that the number of customers will increase rapidly and so will the sales.

How To Do Telephone Prospecting?

The three words that you would have to remember when you do telephone prospecting are research, qualification, and outreach.

In prospecting, you need to investigate your potential clients, determine whether the customer is worth the chase, and work on a great pitch to sell the service or product.

Successful telephone prospecting takes time

That's why hiring a telemarketer specialized in prospecting is the best solution to remedy the telephone hurly-burly.

But, before you begin making those calls, take heed of these “how-to-dos” in telephone prospecting, to sell that first call!

Setting Up Telemarketing Goals

The goal of your telemarketing efforts is to reach out to potential clients. But, in order to do this, you have to set up objectives first, on how to oversee your outreach campaigns.

These include how to conduct the tone of messaging, the target audience, the channel of communication, and even the industry you’re in.

In this respect, the objectives are a fundamental point in prospecting since they allow to constitute effective measures at each step.

Once you’ve gained the understanding and knowledge, you will know how to reach out and interact with your clients.

Equipped with a Winning Script

“By failing to plan, you are preparing to fail.”

Yes, the secret to success is preparation.

Of course, we’re not telling you to memorize a script faithfully or think about all the possible scenarios and make an action plan.

We want you to have a design plan or a blueprint of your telemarketing script, outlining the things you want and need to say.

This keeps the conversations interesting and leads them toward the commercial goal you wish to achieve: SALES

Right Timing to Call

Understandably, telemarketing calls can be a drag for some people.

So, don’t annoy your prospect some more by calling at the worst time possible.

As an agent, you have to know when is the best time to receive a cold call.

Hence, customer analysis says that the right time to make these calls are late in the morning and afternoon, and never ever in the early morning.

Champion Persistence!

In sales, persistence is the most invaluable skill.

Cold call rejection will give you the chills, but don’t get discouraged, do follow-ups and then some more.

It’s normal to not be able to get the customers’ attention or close a deal at your first effort.

And giving up after one failed call is just way, way, too soon.

Develop and muster persistence for an effective messaging sequence to keep your business brand, out there sailing!

What Are the Mistakes Not to Be Made When Prospecting?

Telemarketing has plenty of strict rules, but making mistakes is inevitable.

Though what is done cannot be undone, at least one can keep it from happening again, correct?

We’ve rounded up some common mistakes to avoid in prospecting, so you don’t trip over the same patches.

Prospecting With Little Research

In prospecting, you have to do some research to create that buyer persona, in order to adjust your sales approach.

Going headlong into the unknown is a mistake that can cost you dearly.

With less information, the sales speeches made are uninteresting, the questions asked are impertinent, and the products offered are inadequate.

This can damage your brand from the outset since your impression would have been negative from the get-go.

Lack of Personalization

Human contact is at the heart of marketing —even at a virtual distance.

Of course, only an audience you know can be personalized.

So, if the sales pitch and two-way communication are strategic, this shows that a company or an agent values their customer and is willing to go the extra mile to create a quality experience.

And there is nothing better than customizing experience, adapted to clients’ search history on social networks, to their opinions and recommendations on other products or competing brands.

Too Dependent on the Script

Yes, you need a great script to make an impactful sales call.

But don’t rely on it too much, it’s meant to be a guide, not a bible.

Improvise but be polite and humble, make it sound like a conversation rather than a forceful call.

How Do You Find a Good, Qualified, and Cost-Effective Remote Telemarketer?

There are many things to consider when hiring a remote telemarketer, including; skills and quality of service, hiring and operating costs, and service scalability.

The good news is, there are several digital platforms out there that allow you to find remote telephone prospecting providers.

Nevertheless, the best way to go about it is to entrust your needs to a virtual assistant placement agency specialized in digital services.