Your Holiday Outsourcing; A Virtual Assistant for Christmas

Your Holiday Outsourcing; A Virtual Assistant for Christmas

Are you already feeling the warm glow of the upcoming Christmas festivities? Or are you feeling the pressure of wrapping up tasks in a short working month?

Christmas is not just the most wonderful time of the year. It’s also the busiest month of the year. Everyone is toiling at something, whether it’s planning a holiday vacation, buying gifts or making revenues.

But what happens if, after all the work you’ve put in, there’s still so much to do during the merry season? Are you planning on missing the Christmas fun fairs yet again?

Now would be the time to hire every busy person’s secret weapon, a virtual assistant for Christmas.

Many entrepreneurs, especially small businesses, avoid the Christmas rush by hiring one, two or three VAs—at least 55% of American professionals agree.

Don’t worry, you still have time to find the perfect virtual assistant (just a click away) and speed up those extra chores.

The Business of Christmas

Christmas is a great time to get your brand out there and stir some excitement.

Many companies are already putting their products in their audience’s faces even before the holiday, so customers can buy them now and restock fast if needs be.

You see, it’s not just the winter weather whiffing through the air, the changing spending patterns are blowing too. That’s why it’s important to understand the opportunities and keep up with the trend.

Here are the ways Christmas can impact your business:

  • More Revenue Potential

    Many businesses across different industries see more revenue in December than all the other months in your Christian calendar combined.

    According to Forbes, from Christmas sales alone, American retailers can make a whooping $1 trillion which is a quarter of their annual profit. This can only mean that Christmas can be the best month of your financial calendar.

  • Tight Competition

    If your business is getting a lot of noise and making more sales, most likely, your next-door business neighbor is also experiencing the same Christmas magic.

    Competition will be fierce as every business owner is fighting for sales. Therefore, you should keep a watchful eye on what your competitors are doing as you plan for the holiday rush to get an edge over them.

  • Marketing Needs

    Marketing campaigns allow customers to see you. Since people are hell-bent on buying gifts, marketing will give you access to a wider pool of people whom you can turn into buying customers.

    In this day and age, though, the best marketing grab is to go digital.

As Christmas Unfolds, What Kind of Things Can a Virtual Assistant Do?

Bring on the Christmas frenzy in full force!

A successful holiday prep is within your reach when you’re utilizing a virtual assistant.

Whether your VA is only working for the holiday or in it for the long haul, virtual assistant support will keep things smoothly running, despite the increasing demand.

Here are the ways you can maximize a virtual assistant for Christmas.

  • Thank Clients

    Christmas is a perfect opportunity to give love to your loyal customers. And what better way to show it than to take the time to create digital “thank you” notes and show appreciation for their continuous support in this gift-giving season?

    However, this feat can be quite heavy when you’re also running a business during Christmas. Hire a virtual assistant instead to take charge of sending e-cards to your customers or go above and beyond by buying gifts for them.

  • Run a Festive Promotion

    While Christmas can be a great sales opportunity, in some ways, it also has the effect of slowing down business.

    To keep your client’s attention, why not organize special Christmas offers and promotions? In this way, you can keep things interesting and engaging and attract new clients in the process.

    With the help of your virtual assistant, you can create a personalized holiday newsletter about gift ideas while encouraging multiple items to be purchased, or use it to reward customers with a real gift and beat out your competitors' generosity.

  • Keep in Touch with Your Emails

    You might be excited to take the Christmas holiday, but this doesn’t mean your clients feel the same way. Your inbox will still receive messages that need answering.

    Fortunately, a virtual assistant for Christmas will make sure your inbox stays organized and prep for holiday opportunities. You not only get some peace of mind while vacationing with family but also make clients feel valued during the holiday season.

  • Plan a Holiday Gathering

    Christmas is not just about making your clients happy; it’s also the time to reward your hardworking employees.

    Throw a Christmas party and let your team have fun—a virtual assistant for Christmas can help you with that. Just give them the specifics such as budget, number of guest and location, and they can sort it all out in no time.

    Your VA will make sure you and your employees celebrate in style without breaking your wallet.

  • Bring Excellent Customer Service

    With the holiday in full swing, chances are, you will have plenty of customers. This is an opportunity to solidify lasting customer relationships by boosting your customer service.

    A virtual assistant on your side is like having a virtual assistant phone answering service, catering to all your customer demands promptly with personalized attention.

  • Stay in Touch with Inventory Management

    Amidst the festive cheer of seeing your products fly off the shelves, there’s also the horrors of running out of stocks and missing more sales. Nothing chills your bones more than the winter blues of failing your customers.

    Thankfully, a virtual assistant for Christmas can handle your inventory situation, making sure your stock levels will always meet the soaring demand.

  • Schedule Appointments

    If you’re a business owner providing services, you know, too well, the importance of scheduling appointments effectively. During Christmas, your appointment management skills will be put to the test.

    But you can avoid the calendar circus act altogether with a reliable virtual assistant who can create a perfectly curated harmony of your busy schedule. They can confirm appointments, coordinate with clients and make scheduling adjustments, when necessary, all within your knowledge.

    Just get on with delighting your clients and spending quality time with your favorite people, and leave the behind-the-scenes work to your virtual assistant.

How VAV Remote Hires You the Perfect Virtual Assistant for Christmas

Here at VAV Remote, we take pride in providing you with a virtual assistant who caters to your every need.

Our method is grounded in creating a positive working relationship between our clients and their virtual assistants, setting long-term success for modern-day entrepreneurs.

Scroll down and see how we make this possible.

  • Needs Assessment

    How to fill the gaps to reach your desired goals? That’s the main agenda of determining what your needs are. This is really important so we can make VA recommendations as swiftly as possible without compromising your requirements.

    At VAV Remote, we will find a virtual assistant tailored to your demands—from the skills and experience qualifications and budget to the preferred working hours.

  • Talent Screening

    Once we’ve determined what your needs are, we will start scouring our large talent pool for the best candidates.

    And if needed, we will expand our reach and use our VA connections to find the right virtual assistant who has everything you’re looking for.

  • Client Interview

    The shortlisted candidates will then go through interviews, feeling them out if they can truly be a perfect fit for you.

    Only the best candidates will remain to meet you virtually, with you making the final call. Throughout this journey, we will be right there with you, making sure all the important questions are covered and expectations are made crystal clear.

  • Ongoing Support

    Even after finding the perfect VA match, we will provide ongoing support and make sure your VA collaboration runs smoothly.

    Rest assured, your virtual assistant will continue to thrive and grow with skills development training in a nurturing environment.

Holiday Outsourcing with a Virtual Assistant for Christmas

Now that Christmas surrounds us, our hands are often kept busy with the conspiracy of spreading love through gift-giving. But for a business owner, the holiday season can also mean a business frenzy.

However, not many are comfortable delegating tasks to a remote worker. Well, the many tasks they can accomplish for you will help you think otherwise.

It’s not just about supporting you in the busiest time of the year; a virtual assistant can put on the work all year round.

So, don’t let a mountain of work keep you from celebrating the festivity; get a virtual assistant for Christmas and cover your most time-consuming tasks in the office and beyond it.