Virtual Assistant Phone Answering Service—Future Calling

Stop missing clients; hire a virtual assistant phone answering service. That’s your future calling—making a standout customer service above the competition.

Can we all agree that running a business is not a sprint but a marathon? It’s not a quick dash to the line but a long-distance foot race that is won by endurance and shrewdness.

There are tons of business runners out there. But of course, you want to be the wise runner who understands the competition and knows how to leverage a boost to gain momentum straight to the finish line.

Instead of carrying chunks of workload on your back, break the course and free yourself from the everyday admin weight so you can sustain and remain active.

That’s to say that it’s best to conserve your energy for the real thing and let someone else handle the repetitive, mundane tasks.

Offering a virtual assistant phone answering service to your clients is a great way to win them and your sales over. Now, you might think this is a waste of money, but when business grows, the calls will keep coming too.

Right then, you’ll see how a VA does wonders at boosting your productivity and making your clients happy.

Do Virtual Assistants Answer Phone Calls?

Yes, a virtual assistant offers an answering phone service and supports your business by taking calls and messages.

More than that, they can also assist in your daily administrative tasks, such as customer service and travel arrangements.

By using a virtual assistant phone answering service, you can ensure prompt professional responses to inquiries from clients with some added personal touch, creating a more positive impression.

So, Can AI Answer Phone Calls Too?

Yes, AIs can.

An AI phone answering service uses artificial intelligence to take calls, just like a human receptionist would.

To put it simply, phone-answering AIs are developing rapidly, gaining footholds in automation and data.

But unlike Alexa, Siri or Cortona, these AIs have limited knowledge targeted only at a certain company’s issues and customers. And this isn’t bad at all, because this will only make them more efficient in answering customer calls and getting the necessary information they need about the business.

How Does a Virtual Answering Service Work?

A virtual assistant phone answering service performs the same responsibilities as an in-house receptionist. They take calls and messages and manage calendars and appointments. The only difference is that instead of working in a physical workplace or going to a call center facility, they work remotely.

Depending on your purpose for using an answering service, the basic day-to-day routine of a VA might go on like this:

  • Answer calls
  • Take messages
  • Forward callers to the designated person
  • Resolve issues
  • Collect information
  • Promote company products or services
  • Make follow-up

The main thing about hiring a virtual assistant to take your calls is that you’re using someone to represent your brand or company over the phone, attending calls on your behalf, greeting clients on your behalf, and other things you need your agent to do.

Even better, when your virtual receptionist finishes a call, they will make a follow-up and send emails or text messages to you with the client’s message. In this way, you can always get in touch with your market.

Tasks of a Virtual Assistant Phone Answering Service

Like a jack of all trades, a virtual assistant for phone answering service can take on a variety of tasks, outside talking to your very enthusiastic callers.

From HR and sales to administrative, they can support your team in various departments. We know; they’re pretty amazing. In fact, these remote assistants can even collect and analyze data, helping you make better business decisions.

Anyway, here are the ways they can boost your productivity.

  • Manage Your Calendar

    VAs can handle your calendar. This means whenever you need to schedule meetings, accept invites, set reminders or use your calendar to best utilize your time, you can rely on your virtual assistant to keep an organized timetable without missing any detail.

  • Introduce Your Company’s Services

    Apart from just answering clients, a virtual assistant can also boost your brand and increase your sales. How? They can introduce and update callers about your services and products, and lure them in.

    This will be very effective, especially if you hire a VA with great persuasion skills. They can add some little twists to your personalized messages.

  • Collect Feedback

    If you care enough to collect your customer’s feedback, it shows you value your audience’s opinion. By listening to them, you can create a much stronger relationship, one built on trust.

    Thankfully, a virtual assistant can help you nurture that relationship by getting feedback from client calls. They can create a report and make an analysis for your perusal.

  • Customer Data Collection

    Customer data collection is important, no matter what industry you’re in. You can use the information to improve your business, acquire new customers and retain them.

    In this aspect, a VA is very handy. Every client call can mean new data is collected.

  • Handle Administrative Tasks

    Your virtual assistant can handle a myriad of recurring tasks in your daily operation. As mentioned, they go all around and do everything to ensure work life is easier for you.

    Beyond being the friendly agent over the line, they can plan events, do research and help with your financial records as well.

  • Help-Desk Support

    Yes, being your help desk support is among the many things a virtual assistant can do for you. They can provide answers to client queries and solve issues they may have about your service or product and guide them through all these actions.

Reasons to Hire a Virtual Assistant Phone Answering Service

A busy business owner like yourself has plenty of things to do and to worry about. Every day. it feels like you’re on the brink of burnout. Thus, when your mind is plagued with concern, you’re less and less productive.

Hiring a virtual call-answering service will ease your daily workload. This will give you extra hours to grow your empire and do other things you love to do.

But if you need more reasons to get a virtual office call answering service, we’ll gladly give you more.

What’s In It for You?

  • 24/7 support system
  • Get to operate in different time zones
  • Cheaper than a receptionist
  • Never miss a call ever again, despite your busy schedule
  • More productivity
  • Efficiency
  • Raving customer experience
  • Effective management of inbound calls
  • Less stress
  • Get reminders on time

Who Needs a Virtual Assistant Phone Answering Service?

Many companies take advantage of having an answering service more than they let on. But typically, they are often utilized by organizations or individuals who do not have a traditional workplace, such as mobile business owners.

The following are examples of businesses that can gain more by working with a virtual assistant phone answering service.

  • Law firms
  • Online entrepreneurs
  • Startups and small businesses
  • Healthcare offices
  • Real estate companies
  • Restaurants and cafes
  • Fitness instructors
  • E-commerce business
  • Mental health services

How Much Does a Virtual Receptionist Cost?

As for the virtual assistant phone answering service cost, the expense can range from $20 to over $1000 per month, depending on the number of answering service minutes you need from your VA.

As such, a large company may need several receptionists at once, while smaller firms need only one front-desk agent.

In addition, the sort of business you have dictates the role that your virtual receptionist will play. For example, if your company has a wider customer service presence, then you may need more time with your virtual receptionist. Conversely, an organization with less public interaction will need minimal service from a phone answering agent.

With this, virtual receptionist services can offer different plans to best cater to your business needs. These plans include:

  • Pay-by-minute (charged and calculated per minute)
  • Pay-by-call (charge per call, regardless of duration)
  • Pay-by-month (like many cell phone providers, an arrangement for a monthly fee)
  • Scalable pricing (where clients are given the opportunity to pay more for additional value)

Regarding the after-hours answering service cost, this is usually included in the monthly plan or charged per call.

VAV Remote: Your Partner for Virtual Assistant Phone Answering Service

With many companies selling the same services and products, the way to stand out boils down to customer service. You can reign above the competition with a virtual assistant phone answering service.

It’s the business move you need to enhance client satisfaction, build your brand and foster loyalty.

Connect with a VA professional for an affordable price today and get a free virtual answering service consultation.