Outsource Lead Generation Virtual Assistant for A+ Sales

If a robust lead generation campaign is what you’re looking for, hire a lead generation virtual assistant—they have your back at the back office!

No business is going anywhere without a strong customer base. So, if you’re in pursuit of thriving in your entrepreneurial life, you must be aggressive in reaching out to your target market.

If you’re building something, you have to be out there and let people know about it. This is what lead generation is all about; it’s getting the interests of your would-be clients.

Of course, to generate great leads, you need an effective strategy, and that’s what a lead generation virtual assistant is for.

If you’re stuck in an endless loop of calls with zero positive results, a VA for lead generation can take charge of all of your pre-sales business activities and be the best lead generator for your company.

Not buying it? Here’s a comprehensive guide to the role and responsibilities of a lead generation VA.

What is Lead Generation?

In simple words, lead generation is the process of attracting new customers and gaining their interest in your company’s products or services. It’s a never-ending process of finding, researching and contacting qualified sales leads.

Lead generation is a blend of your sales and marketing strategies that is highly targeted at your ideal clients.

What Is a Good Lead Generation Strategy?

If you’re a newbie to the industry or a young entrepreneur sitting on the fence about how to strategize your lead generation, the best option that we can recommend for you is to hire a lead generation virtual assistant.

  • What Is a Lead Generation Virtual Assistant?

    A lead generation virtual assistant is a skilled remote professional who uses various tools to find and gather the best leads for your business. They make sure you have a stream of prospects that your sales team can reach out to.

    These lead-gen VAs handle all the pre-sale administrative tasks such as online research, so you can expand your customer base. In this way, your sales agents can concentrate on selling and increasing revenue.

The Roles and Responsibilities of Your Lead Generation Virtual Assistant

Lead generation with a virtual assistant is extremely beneficial in the long run, not just for you, but for your hard-working sales team as well.

To prove it, here’s how they can generate leads on your behalf:

  • Online Lead Research

    One of the most important roles of a lead generation virtual assistant is to find you the best possible leads in diverse locations. To do that, VAs will go online, do their research and gather as much information as possible about their desires and challenges.

    Lead-gen VAs will employ advanced strategies like conducting surveys and email sequences to reach out to these potential clients, gain valuable insights and eventually get accurate lead lists for the company. Overall, they will amplify the work of your sales agents and load up your light sales pipeline with potential customers.

  • List Compilation

    If you build a list with a lead generation VA, you can unlock plenty of potential. They can leverage list-building tools to help you collect email addresses through website sign-ups, landing pages or lead generation popups, rather than manually entering all that contact information.

    With their skills, virtual assistants can filter the gathered data, set up an ideal sales profile (ideal description of your most likely would-be clients) and organize a list of potential leads for your sales team to contact.

  • CRM Management

    The goal of CRM management is simple: to enhance business relationships. With a lead generation VA on board, you can do just that without manually updating your CRM database every single time.

    VAs can track all your lead interactions by streamlining customer relationship management software and integrating generated leads into a centralized database that is easily accessible to your sales team.

    Now, you can finally communicate with your precious customers and potential ones in a more scalable way.

  • Appointment Setting

    You must think that appointment setting is merely going through the lead list and setting an appointment with prospects—fairly simple. Well, you sort of get the concept, but what you missed is the challenge of putting an exact time and date on that appointment and making sure you’ll be in contact with those prospects as planned.

    An appointment setting with a virtual assistant is a more effective and less stressful option. They can set appointments with interested clients and organize the calendar while your sales team talks with prospects and you focus on product development—it’s a win-win and win!

  • Email Support

    A lead generation virtual assistant also assumes responsibility for supporting your email operations. Your VA can manage email marketing efforts via newsletters or drip campaigns and make as much noise for your product or services with just one click.

    Email newsletters are a great avenue to reach out to clients who have shown interest in your product or service but haven’t purchased anything yet. You can recommend new products and offer them directly to potential clients. Drip campaigns, on the other hand, are a series of automated emails to nurture potential clients who have visited your website.

  • Social Media Marketing

    Fact: Whether it’s Instagram or Facebook, people spend hours upon hours scrolling and checking out products on social media before making a purchase. This is why having an active social media profile is pivotal to getting to your potential customers.

    Consistency is important to boost your company’s online visibility, something that a lead generation VA can uphold.

    Posting random content won’t cut it anymore; VAs can craft strategic hashtags that trigger high engagement and persuade audiences to buy something. They can establish consistency between you and your subscribers, and through that, increase the number of your viewers and followers.

  • Cold-Calling

    When you’re calling someone who is not your friend, family member or customer out of the blue to pitch a new product, most likely, you’re going to get slammed on the phone. Cold calling is incredibly scary without the right confidence and communication skills.

    Lucky for you, this task is another responsibility that you can hand over to your lead generation VA. With their excellent soft skills, they can strengthen your cold-calling efforts and reach out to quality leads consistently, without spending an arm or a leg.

  • Competitor Research

    Just so you know, an effective lead generation campaign is not just about finding the best leads; it’s also about knowing what your competitors are up to. If you understand what they’re doing right or wrong, you can use that knowledge to differentiate your product and further improve it.

    Your lead generation virtual assistant can take the lead in this challenging course. They can track your competitors’ movements and run an analysis on them, so you’re always ten steps ahead.

Why Hiring a Lead Generation Virtual Assistant Matters

VAs for lead generation matter for startups and businesses in several ways:

  • By offloading lead generation administrative tasks like appointment scheduling or lead research, you free up your sales team to focus on their core business functions, boosting their productivity and efficiency.

  • It’s a no-brainer; hiring a lead generation virtual assistant is a lot cheaper. These VAs do everything remotely, so there’s no need to pay for rent, utilities or equipment.

  • When lead generation VAs manage your social media platforms and emails, you can ensure superb customer service and foster loyalty. They not only ensure prompt replies to customer queries and issues, but they also free up your sales staff to deal with more pressing issues.

  • You can easily adjust virtual assistant services to meet your staffing demands without incurring additional costs. This is critical for startups with fewer available resources.

  • You can access specialized skills with a virtual assistant without committing to full-time employment.

Lead Generation FAQs

Who Needs Lead Generation?

Whether you’re in real estate or healthcare, lead generation is highly advantageous for every business owner or entrepreneur who wants to grow their sales pipeline and expand their reach and brand awareness without exhausting money on marketing efforts.

What Is the Most Important Thing a Lead Generation VA Should Be Doing?

The most important responsibility of a lead-generation virtual assistant is to kickstart the prospecting process by finding lead-generation opportunities for the sales team.

Superb Lead Generation with Your Virtual Assistant

What is the most effective way to generate leads? Lead generation virtual assistant! With their advanced creative methods, you can find and qualify leads while giving your business and your sales team the confidence to focus on core responsibilities. That’s in addition to saving time, energy and money, because we all know how costly lead generation work can be.

If you want robust lead generation campaigns without breaking the bank, consider VAV Remote for all your virtual assistant outsourcing needs and start your journey to a long-term successful enterprise.