Time to Unleash the Power of Cold-Calling Virtual Assistants

Cold-calling virtual assistants are remote workers who handle cold calls. In making those important sales call, a cold-calling VA uses a call script to reach out to a large pool of prospective customers.

It is no secret that cold-calling is hard. If you can’t sell the pitch, then prepare to get dropped, by a disheartening silence over the other line.

Despite it being the case, there’s no denying that cold calling is very successful in bringing in more leads, which is why many companies still do it.

While you can choose to take matters into your hands and be your own salesperson, we wouldn’t suggest it.

See, having to dial, talk, check, write and update, are cold-calling routine that’s energy-draining and very time-consuming. If you don’t have the talent and experience, you’d barely get past 50 calls without turning into a zombie.

Cold calls that work needs a professional with the right information and strategic bits, just like cold-calling virtual assistants.

Excellent in communication skills and tech-savvy, these online salespeople will get your sales up and blazing in no time.

What is Cold Calling?

Cold calling is when you reach out to clients and entice them to buy what you’re selling either products or services. It’s an outbound sales approach to widen your scope and find customers who haven’t heard of your product or service yet.

And if you might wonder, why it’s called a cold call? It’s not because you’re pitching without sympathy or friendliness. No, that’s not it. The call is cold because you’re technically interacting with someone you do not know, plucked randomly from your long prospecting list without any expectations at all.

People might dislike cold-calling for its somehow intrusive nature, but it’s a great catch for sales success, especially for business-to-business sales.

Despite the name “cold-calling,” the process is not actually restricted to phone calls. Other forms of channels are used for contacts like social media or email. But unlike the interactive voice call, these methods are much easier to neglect, thus, are not recommendable.

Cold calling is a great sales strategy, but it’s not for the faint-hearted and business owners who should be doing something else rather than tallying calls all day.

What Is Cold Calling Virtual Assistant?

Cold-calling virtual assistants are remote workers who handle cold calls. In making those important sales call, a cold-calling VA uses a call script to reach out to a large pool of prospective customers.

They don’t necessarily have a contact list of people to call, but they find sources and build their leads from there.

What Is Cold Calling Job Description?

Cold-calling virtual assistants don’t run marketing campaigns, like how a e-commerce virtual assistant does.

Instead, they talk to a customer over a phone call, gather contacts, pitch a sale and explain the benefits of a product and if necessary, obtain payment information.

The main objective is to convert cold calls into appointments and pummel them through the sales funnel.

Why You Need a Cold-Calling Virtual Assistant for Sales Success

Though cold calling carries a bit of a bad reputation, when done right, it works wonders.

Here are the reasons why your cold calling should be done by a cold calling virtual assistant.

  • Build Relationship

    Okay, you might be talking to a stranger from the other line. But having a voice interaction, as opposed to social media engagement, is a far better avenue in building human connection.

    Push for a cool-tempered and friendly cold-calling virtual assistant and you get the opportunity of making a great impression on your prospects.

  • Cost-Effective

    Let’s say, you want to reach out to a prospect via email, do you think that’s a better form of engagement compared to a face-to-face meeting?

    Of course not, but if you make use of the latter, wouldn’t that be too costly? What about the travel, hotel and food outlays, because that as well, will add up real quick.

    In the end, cold-calling virtual assistants are the most cost-effective resort. Building rapport and connection with a little less than a phone call.

  • Consistent Messaging

    Do your cold calling with a cold calling virtual assistant, and you will have an experienced salesperson with a punchy sales script to promote your product/service.

    With them, you also get to keep tabs on the right messaging of your brand. These remote workers will stick to your company’s objectives with standardized postulation and remarks.

  • Edge Over Competitors

    The fact that you’re incorporating cold-calling into your marketing is already an edge. However, when you do cold-call with a professional cold-calling virtual assistant, that’s like taking it to a whole new level.

    Such a hire means having someone who’s always looking to sell, without sounding like a robotic monotone.

    And with extra training, you make sure that you’re always hitting right on the messaging target.

  • More Secure

    What’s the difference between an onsite cold-calling agent to a cold-calling virtual assistant?

    Well, the latter fares better in terms of security.

    There’s no safer place than home, right? It often breeds a zealous and positive mindset, like how most online workers are. They feel more confident because they thrive at having a work-life balance.

    On the other side of company security, cold-calling VA doesn’t operate much differently from traditional employees in terms of data confidentiality.

    There are software solutions keeping accounts and confidential information private such as password manager and digital vault, providing a secured online credentials management.

  • Time-efficient

    It’s a no-brainer, cold calling is one of the most tedious tasks in sales. You need not only patience but a whole bag of energy too.

    Luckily, with a cold-calling virtual assistant, you’ll be able to explore and potentially convert all sorts of leads; cold, warm and hot.

    The thing about working with a VA is their ability to classify leads and reach out to all of them in an effective venture that allows for time-saving.

Is Cold Calling by Phone Illegal?

Whatever your opinion on the matter is, those annoying and repetitive phone calls that you’re getting, are LEGAL.

But while it’s not illegal, cold calling has apparently evolved over time, at least in terms of how it should be done.

Since many brands adhere to the power of cold calls, businesses must follow a set of rules while doing it; how they call, whom they sell and when to call.

For example, you can’t call super early in the morning or very late at night because that might be reduced as a financial scam.

So be warned, do cold-calling by following the laws and regulations.

Ready for a Cold-Calling Virtual Assistant?

Do you need a virtual assistant for your prospecting needs? Yes, you do.

To say the least, cold calling is rather tough to champion without an experienced and skilled personnel.

And although you might think there are better avenues to find prospects to boost sales, no solution offers strategic range with such amazing benefits in tow like a cold-calling VA.

It’s great to close deals with sailing profit marks, but it’s even better doing it without compromising, time, money and effort.

So, go get your sales tiger! Hire your cold calling virtual assistants today.