Score Superb Customer Service with a Follow-Up Virtual Assistant

Score Superb Customer Service with a Follow-Up Virtual Assistant

Have you been actively marketing to your customers?

If you have, then you’re probably struggling of maintaining a line of communication with them. With a large list of clients to reach out to, it can be a challenging feat.

Nonetheless, you got to do what you got to do because turning leads into customers boils down to a game of follow-ups. And without a proper strategy, you can lose track of both your existing clients and new prospects.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a short or long-term project; doing follow-ups should be part of your marketing strategy. If you can leverage it well, you can support loyalty and trust with clients, consequently driving sales.

All you have to do is tap that opportunity with the help of a Follow-Up Virtual Assistant.

In this highly competitive market where your closest competition is a click away, you need all the support that you can get.

What is a Virtual Assistant and What Exactly Does a Virtual Assistant Do?

A virtual assistant is a remote worker who offers basic administrative support and other business-related services on behalf of a company or an entrepreneur, either part-time or full-time.

You can think about them as your personal assistant, taking care of your mundane tasks from setting schedules to organizing your emails.

What these remote workers do exactly is support you by freeing up your time, so that you can focus on the high-valued projects.

What Are the Top 3 Services That You Can Offer as a Virtual Assistant?

While there are many tasks a VA can accomplish for you, we’ve managed to round up the top 3 virtual assistant services that you can consider integrating into your business right now.

  • Administrative Management

    VAs work behind the scenes — managing emails, employees, calendars, projects and basically handling the little things that you don’t want to do and shouldn’t do in the first place.

  • Customer Service

    What about virtual assistants that elevate the customer service experience?

    Round-the-clock service. Accessibility. Efficiency.

    A virtual assistant can support your customers by resolving issues, answering questions and making follow-ups.

  • They work so efficiently that they leave nothing but great customer experience in their wake.

  • Marketing

    Marketing is the backbone of your overall sales operation.

    If you need someone to assist in converting leads into paying customers via email marketing or social media outlets, a virtual assistant is the “man” or the “woman” for the job to close a sale.

Marketing Point to Ponder: How to Follow Up with a Customer Using a Virtual Assistant

Speaking of the best marketing strategy to propel the wheels of your sales funnel, following up with clients is right on top of that marketing valley.

While there are many ways to reach out to a customer and encourage them to do business with your company, Follow-Up Virtual Assistant is perhaps the most cost-effective solution.

VAs can keep in touch with your customers through messages, emails or calls, delivering value to your existing ones and prospects.

What are the steps of a virtual assistant?

Here’s how they do it:

  • Add Some Personal Touch

    What makes communication stand out from the dull rest is that personal touch.

    These are the little things that you can incorporate to make the messaging more impactful to your clients.

    For example, you can customize an email based on your customer’s personality or you can send them a simple handwritten note. You can hire a Follow-Up Virtual Assistant to do all this.

    By personalizing, you will sound more human; authentic and warm.

  • Leverage the Use of Referrals

    Even in today’s fast-paced digital marketing era, word-of-mouth marketing still works like magic.

    Your old and existing clients can be a great source to attract new clients by providing referrals.

    By employing a Follow-Up Virtual Assistant, you can communicate with clients regularly and make sure they’re updated on the latest services and products to score more referrals.

  • Be Memorable

    Great impressions last, but in the ultra-competitive universe of digital marketing, you need the extra push of follow-ups.

    With your virtual assistant, you can provide regular information about your products and what you do.

    The thing is, if you keep showing up in their contact, you’ll be at the forefront and remain in your clients’ minds whenever they think of any collaboration or project.

  • Reach Out Proactively

    Best assume that everyone’s schedule is packed.

    With that knowledge, when a client wants to contact you, but can’t due to a busy schedule, it may altogether skip their minds.

    Instead of waiting around for them to reach out, you can make the first move.

    Your Follow-Up Virtual Assistant can proactively communicate with your clients in a week or in a month, whatever works best in the schedule, to talk to them about their needs.

How to Get Started with Your Follow-Up Virtual Assistant?

With the help of your virtual assistant, you can streamline the process of your follow-ups. They will perform all the necessary tasks, so you don’t have to worry about anything aside from running your company.

But in order to make this happen, first, you need to go over a few things.

  • Set Up a Check-In Schedule

    You need to create a schedule for your VA as a guide when reaching out to customers. You can prepare a shareable calendar to do this, making everything transparent.

    It doesn’t have to be on specific dates, but rather on regular dates in a week or in a month. The most important thing is that your virtual assistant knows when to start reaching out to clients.

  • Provide Client Contacts

    You have to provide the names and contacts of your clients to your virtual assistant; be it email or phone number. You can also give relevant information that they can use to effectively reach out to them.

    But throughout this, it is highly important to keep a professional appearance when a VA reaches out to clients, so this phase is a MUST.

  • Utilize Templates

    Another thing that you must utilize when using virtual assistants to make follow-ups to clients are templates.

    For instance, if your VA sends an email, you should create a template that contains everything you want to relay like if there’s something you want them to fill out or if there’s a question they want to ask.

    The same goes when you’re making a call, be sure to come up with a script that your VA can use.

Why is it Important to Follow Up with Your Customers?

What separates a successful business from the ones that just merely survive is excellent customer service.

Following up with clients doesn’t just lead to repeat business but a referral business.

Below are some of the best benefits of following up with customers.

  • Show Commitment

    Going above and beyond for customers shows that you are truly committed.

    Who doesn’t appreciate being treated with utmost care and not just a mere source of sales?

  • Improve Experience

    According to Bill Gates, “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.”

    It counts in your customer’s book if you acknowledge your mistakes when a service turned out to be a negative experience. Reaching out and hearing them out will do you some good in improving that experience for the better.

  • Strengthen Engagement

    By following up, you can boost brand engagement with a client. They can do so by liking a page or subscribing to an email list.

  • Boost Sales

    It’s not surprising at all that by providing great service to a client, you’re also prompting repeat business with that said, client.

    By doing the extra mile to make follow-ups, you’re paving the way for — improved brand messaging, customer loyalty and superb revenues.

Wrapping Up!

Every company looking to thrive needs excellent customer service, but it’s not always simple to balance your needs, goals and resources.

A virtual assistant is without a doubt your top cost-effective marketing solution. They’re economical, highly productive and flexible.

With a strong follow-up system, supported by your newly hired Follow-Up Virtual Assistant, you’ll not only maintain your existing clients but also regain new ones.