Create Some Digital Noise With a Social Media Virtual Assistant

Working with a social media virtual assistant gives you three important benefits; getting more work done, content management and low operational cost.

The businesses that thrive in today’s crowded e-commerce are often great at humanizing their brand.

Truly, if your brand sounds like a frigid robotic monotone, it’s only going to take a short while before your audience starts turning away.

The value of social media presence is no longer just about having a medium. It’s rising above the clutter, channeling some personality into your brand and connecting with the right leads.

It all sounds rather challenging, but doing it by yourself is nigh on impossible.

Straight off, an outsourcing hub of virtual assistants is the best way to channel these goals into fruition. A reliable social media virtual assistant can widen your reach and generate new clients.

How so?

This article will give you a better understanding of what a social media VA can do for you and how much it will cost to hire one.

What Is a Social Media Virtual Assistant?

A social media VA handles and maintains the company’s social media presence. The ultimate objective is to elevate the company’s brand in the digital sphereby indulging insocial media marketing tactics.

Equipped with experience and social marketing tools, a social media virtual assistant job description includes creating social pages, engaging with online users and monitoring engagement.

Social Media In This Era

In the physical world pre-internet, when a person does or says something, most likely a handful of people are going to hear about it. Nowadays, whatever gets distributed online, thousands of people are going to know about it across the world.

So, it goes without saying that social media platforms attheir best, act as a unifying segment of diversity. Everything is just simpler, faster and more competitive.

Social media virtual people are one of the upshots that took advantage of this market globalization. Around the digital universe, many organizations are positioning virtual assistant hubs to bring their target audience much closer to them.

What Do Social Media Assistants Do?

To be clear, the job of a social media virtual assistant is not to create strategic moves, it’s to perform them.

How dosocial media virtual assistant jobs work in practice?

Read on and find out the many time-consuming tasks best handed over to a social media VA.

  • Update on Different Social Media Handles

    Keeping social media accounts up-to-date is a good way to generate new customers and increase brand awareness.

    Some common updates a social media online worker does include updating profile information on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, posting content regularly and monitoring and engaging comments.

  • Do Research

    Research is probably one of the most laborious parts of managing social media platforms. Regardless, it is still an important task for every social media VA.

    What are the types of content that would best resonate with the audience? Which induces the most engagement? What are the trends? How often do you have to publish?

    These are some imminent questions that’ll be answered accurately through conducting research. With data, you can create better content and drive more traffic.

    A major tip! You can also use social media for social listening and real-time tracking of every mention of your brand within social media.

  • Creating Social Campaigns/advertisements

    Beyond creating quality content, online advertisement is an important tool to reach people and build your brand stature. There are plenty of paid ad campaigns in social media platforms to tap into such as Facebook and Instagram ads.

    Ad campaigns are a lot cheaper agencies for content promotion that works best with a skilled virtual staff in tow.

    Once these advertisements are launched, social media virtual assistants take charge of monitoring performances. They will evaluate and give inputs for future campaigns learning from the previous ads that were run.

  • Set and Manage Calendar

    When it comes to managing your post-sharing schedule, a social media virtual assistant can be a total lifesaver!

    Managing several social media accounts can be a real hassle, especially for a business owner juggling so many to-dos at once.

    Luckily, in the capable hands of an expert offshore assistant, you can always be sure that you have a ready post even when you’re away. Moreover, you will finally have the time to review the materials and bealways in the KNOW of what’s scheduled to stream.

  • Create Reports

    Reporting is essential to have a better understanding of how the content/post is being taken by the audience on each social media handle.

    For this task, a social media VA will gather, compile and present data in a comprehensive format. By doing so, you will see which aspect to improve, where to focus on and when’s the best time to start posting content.

    Depending on your preference, you can have these data on a weekly or a monthly turnaround. Of course, the relevance of these reports is not just in the moment. It can be a really helpful point of reference for future marketing strategies too.

  • Establish a Network

    Here’s a question, how impactful is social media in terms of marketing?

    Social media allows you to connect with the right people. Then again, finding strong leads is as difficult as winning people over. But thanks to a social media virtual assistant, this task is manageable.

    These virtual angels will give your social media profile a boost. They will locate valuable accounts that are best suited for your company’s messaging. They can bring new ideas on the sort of people or online groups you can network with.

    Effectively, they work best hand-in-hand with a telemarketing virtual assistant; finding leads and leading them toward the sales funnel.

    Additionally, a social media VA knows how to use online tools to better manage your social accounts.

How Much Does a Social Media Assistant Cost?

Okay, so you’ve decided that you want to hire a social media assistant. However, one thing’s constantly bugging you; can you afforda social media virtual assistant hiring?

Well, in terms of pricing, the rate is highly dependent on the social media virtual assistant skill and experience. For instance, an entry-level recruitment assistant with around a year of experience earns an hourly rate of around $3 to $5 which is really cheap, to be honest, as opposed to hiring in-house personnel.

On average, a virtual assistant earns around $11,000 a year—with a price mostly spent doing actual work.

At the same time, remote workers don’t have the benefits of a traditional employee. It’s often a project-based employment with no future ties or commitment.Employers also don’t put in a lot of money for equipment or office space which means lesser operational and staff costs.

Of course, the variables are constantly changing. But it couldn’t be denied that having a flexible contract and low overhead costs are a major win for any business working on a tight budget.


Social media is becoming an essential part of our everyday life.

When a consumer wants to know something about a new product, what do they do first? They’re going to look for it on social media channels.

This works to your benefit on both ends. If you decide to work with a social media virtual assistant, you get three important benefits; getting more work done, content management and low operational cost.

Don’t miss out the social media galore; seize the opportunity and work with a social media virtual assistant.