Get More Work Done! Try a Remote Recruitment Assistant and Find the Right People

Get More Work Done! Try a Remote Recruitment Assistant and Find the Right People

To trip in office work is like scurrying away from a lucrative opportunity. Every time you miss a phone call or delay in supply, your company suffers.

You could recruit people to your team. But eventually, you’ll be back from the earlier stumble of screening applications, setting interviews, and negotiating salaries for countless hours.

While they’re necessary tasks, you could’ve used the time to land extra business deals.

If only you had someone else to do it —a REMOTE RECRUITMENT ASSISTANT to find people to fill your Marketing Virtual Assistant needs.

So, stop being skeptical about offshore help, ditch the low-value tasks, and work on the more important stuff.

What is an Online Business Manager?

If you are new to this virtual job title, you probably have lots of questions.

Is it expensive? How does it work? Where can I find one?

The idea of an online business manager is rather new in the digital sphere. This role is a professional offshore support who works on a per-job basis as a freelancer.

Online business managers oversee business planning and management. They are given the freedom to weigh decisions directly related to the business.

What Is a Virtual Recruiting Assistant?

A virtual recruiting assistant is an assistant who works in a remote location and improves the hiring process of a company. This role is tasked to assess the potential and manageability of job candidates by sorting through applications.

A VR assistant consolidates and assists in planning, recruitment, selection, and training based on the set of qualifications the employer has listed.

What Does a Recruitment Assistant Do?

Saying “you’re hired” is easy—but the search for the right candidates in the marketplace, that’s hard.

Finding people to join your team should be conducted efficiently.

However, let’s be honest, even browsing through resume claims is a tedious and repetitive task that needs your full attention.

That’s why we recommend employing a recruitment assistant and letting them break you free from these key recruiting duties.
  • Finding and identifying people to fill job titles
  • Support the recruiting team by answering calls, sorting documents, setting schedules, and keeping office records
  • Help screen applications
  • Coordinate and organize the hiring process by keeping a calendar for the candidates and the hiring team
  • Prepare and handle job postings on the website and freelance marketplace
  • Prepare and keep employment records
  • Assist with the onboarding process
  • Negotiate contracts
  • Conduct interviews and shortlist candidates
  • Build relationships with clients

What Does a Recruitment Specialist Do?

You might be wondering what’s the difference between a virtual recruiting assistant and a recruitment specialist.

Well, aside from the insertion of the word “specialist”, meaning expert, they pretty much handle the same tasks and responsibilities. Just like a VR assistant, recruitment specialists find great employees and match their abilities to the job openings.

But unlike the former, the latter is a well-trained and well-informed HR professional. They have a deep understanding of hiring trends, contract packages, and recruitment maneuvers in order to locate top talents in your industry.

How to Become a Recruitment Specialist

If you’re considering being a recruitment specialist, you need a bachelor’s degree in human resource management or any related business course.

Moreover, you need to acquire recruitment experience, at least entry-level to learn first-hand how to connect, interview, and assess candidates.

In terms of skills, this role requires you to be highly organized, detail-oriented, excellent in both written and oral communication, a fast thinker, technical proficiency, and a natural and effective interpersonal skill.

Why Hire a Virtual Recruiting Assistant?

The main point why you should hire a recruitment assistant is to lift some of the administrative burdens that have been keeping you away from high-value company matters.

That alone should be enough to take that next step of working with a virtual recruiting assistant and stop playing the virtual assistant recruiter/ recruitment agency.

But by all means, if you’re still not convinced about the idea of an offshore player on your team, perhaps, these three major reasons for hiring a VR assistant will remove the haze of doubts.

• Cost Efficient
Compared to the traditional full-time employee, remote job staffing substantially reduces business expenses. In the same way as a Virtual Administrative Assistant or a Virtual Sales Assistant, virtual recruiting assistant also holds accountability for delivering their services and the expenses in doing so like per se the internet and phone bills.

Additionally, they don’t need a spacious office to house them. They can work from anywhere.

They work part-time remote jobs for a specified time whenever you need them, so they don’t incur the same benefits like health insurance and leave pay as that traditional employees.

What’s even better is that they can work right away without the long costly training, since most of them are skilled and well-trained in their fields.

• Improved Efficiency and Productivity
The best thing about working with a virtual recruiting assistant is that they get the work done in lesser time and with precision.

In short, a VR assistant is a great assistant who makes the hiring process easier, faster, and more effective through their high conversational and organizational abilities to find, get to know, and screen candidates.

And since they work based on projects and on hourly rates, they get to focus more on important tasks. You can be certain that they’re not only active in the first 2 or 3 hours, unlike your usual in-house subordinates.

• Boost Candidate Experience
“We will be in touch if we made our decision.” We can all agree that waiting for that call if you get the job or not is plain torture. We’ve all been there, hanging and hoping by the phone desk.

These updates take months or worst, never come at all. Chances are, the company has already found someone while you still wait in the dark.

But thanks to employing a virtual recruiting assistant, candidates may not have to wait in vain and proceed to the next job opportunity.

Is It Worth Using a Recruitment Agency?

Among other things, there’s one question that both employers and applicants are bent on asking, “Is it worth using a recruitment agency?”

If you’re asking this, then general recruitment platforms had probably left a sour taste in your mouth.

No worries, a recruitment agency tells a totally different story. It finds the most diverse and talented pool of workers to fill your business needs.

They can do so, because of their deep knowledge of the industry induced by experience and association.

It’s a win-win situation for both, the candidate and the organization. The former can be properly represented by a party that has connections and knows how to sell work portfolio. With the latter, it’s even better, they can hire the best virtual assistant that can successfully support the company towards long-term developments.

So, YES, working with a recruitment agency is very much worth it!

To Sum It Up!

A virtual recruiting assistant is a fantastic resource to add to your business arsenal. Experienced and equipped with recruitment assistant skills, they make the hiring process less of an adverse factor.

Never been effortless and simple to find quality people to fill job roles and save time while doing so.

So, instead of nitpicking countless assistant resumes for hours, start making worthy changes, and partner with a Remote Recruitment Assistant today!