What You Don’t Know About a Transcription Virtual Assistant ?

A transcription virtual assistant is an experienced remote typist whose job is to transform audio or video materials into quality text content.

We get it, converting your video or audio file into a meaningful text format can be a bother. Instead of trying to bend your time, working your fingers to the bone and lagging behind on deadlines, tell yourself to work smarter, not harder.

If the office event is becoming restless, it’s about time to outsource help to a professional who can do your transcribing assignments, quick and easy.

Perhaps, a workforce addition in the form of a transcription virtual assistant will get your important marketing dialogue out.

Detail-oriented, reliable and a grammar guru, this online worker will help you take care of your most grueling task while you keep growing your business into a superpower.

Is working with such talent really worth the investment? Let’s find out by taking a closer look at what transcription virtual assistants do best and their impact on your company’s progress.

What is Virtual Transcription?

The best way to understand what virtual transcription is, is by figuring it out first; what is a virtual assistant and what is transcribing?

Starting off, virtual assistants are remote contractual workers who offer many business-related services in financing, marketing, design and content creation.

In today’s booming e-commerce, they’re running in popularity in almost every industry.

What Are 4 Examples of a Virtual Assistant?

  • Graphic Design Virtual Assistant: A trained professional who does visual content remotely. Their job specification includes crafting marketing materials, page layouts, packaging design and custom graphics.
  • Virtual Receptionist: A virtual receptionist is an offshore worker who answers business calls and caters to customer needs on your behalf, allowing you to connect with your target audience on a daily basis.
  • Bookkeeping Virtual Assistant: A bookkeeping VA is the most cost-effective solution to managing your financial health. They deal with your daily finances like chasing payables and finding errors in your accounts,
  • Digital Marketing Assistant: This online marketer supports the marketing team by carrying out a myriad of tasks from market research and brand promotion to development.

Moving on, by simple definition, transcribing is the process where you put data into a written or printed form.

Basically, when you integrate that into a proper job title, transcribing entails listening to a video or audio file and typing every word that you hear. The items that are being converted into readable and accurate materials vary from meetings, news, phone calls and interviews.

That said if we incorporate the word “virtual” into a transcription process, it’s doing the same work but doing it remotely.

What is a Transcription Virtual Assistant?

A transcription virtual assistant is an experienced remote typist whose job is to transform audio or video materials into quality text content.

Yet again, why make such a fuss with transcribing?

The answer lies in ensuring that you have materials that you can optimize and publish for digital marketing.

But beyond the main thing, here are the many reasons why adhering to transcription virtual assistant services is necessary for your business.

  • Enhanced User-Experience

    Transforming a video/ audio file into coherent text material is the typical function of transcribing.

    That ability to put out the information in a simple clear language makes for a great user experience because it becomes more accessible and comprehensible for the viewers.

    Additionally, since transcripts make it effortless for search engines to be all over your content and drive traffic, the citizens of the net will also find it uncomplicated to look for preferred items on your site.

    With the help of interactive transcripts, matching words in the transcripts as words are spoken permeates users to search for keywords and jump into any particular spot they want to play.

    That seamless browsing counts for at least 97% of students, based on the Study at MIT, saying that interactive transcript is an excellent learning experience booster.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Want to increase online visibility? Start working with a transcription virtual assistant.

    One of the best things about hiring a transcription VA is how it can be of service to search engine optimization. Transcription raises your search engine rank, by powering up your content and keywords on the page.

  • Extensive Range of Accessibility

    A skilled transcription virtual assistant can turn your English-savvy recordings into different languages.

    Translated transcripts give your content more accessibility. By reducing your communication barrier, you get to reach a wider set of audience and market your goods/services globally.

    Diving deeper into being accessible, interactive transcripts also make it possible for consumers with disability to experience entertainment.

    There are over 360 million people across the planet who suffers from hearing loss, a massive number of audiences that you can tap into with a transcription virtual assistant on board.

  • Better Comprehension

    Here’s a factual take; your brain absorbs and retains information faster when you’re reading about something as opposed to listening.

    To comprehend better, a transcript is a necessity.

    Think of all the ways it benefits society; students jutting notes on lectures, medical practitioners deciphering medical files, or even lawyers listening to court hearings.

    In all these everyday encounters, transcription offers convenience. You can work at your own pace because you won’t have to scurry fast with the speaker. Also, you can skip to the information you need without watching the whole video, giving you more focus and time.

    Of course, you can do this successfully with a powerhouse virtual assistant transcriptionist.

  • Easier to Repurpose and Do More

    Content is king, correct?

    You can embody that phrase even more so, with a transcription virtual assistant, working on transcript materials you can add to your marketing content purposes.

    Adaptable in many forms; think about social media posts, blogs, e-books and reviews. Yes, transcription is bendable to whichever structure you wield it, reaching as many people in no time.

    At the same time, unlike other old-school avenues, transcripts are a lot easier to store and distribute. They take up less space compared to video files and are faster to share even with unstable internet because they’re much lighter.

What Do Transcription Workers Do?

As the word suggests, a transcription worker’s main job is to transcribe.

The following are the many tasks a transcription worker can perform for you.

  • Meetings

    Discuss ideas, solve problems and reaffirm objectives; these important meeting matters work efficiently with a virtual transcription service.

    You can get everybody on the same page, no problem, with a precise written account of the meeting minutes.

  • Interview

    Surely, you’ve heard of legal transcriptionists, workers who listen to court hearing interviews, cross-examination and pleadings which in turn they transcribed into legal documents.

    In all aspects of spoken interviews, you can get the same quality functioning with a much cheaper transcription virtual assistant alternative.

  • Training

    Nowadays, if you want to develop effective training materials, you need the speed and accuracy of a transcription virtual assistant.

  • Translation

    As mentioned, transcription extends your market reach; by hiring a transcription virtual assistant who can transcribe your source language and translate it into other global lingoes.

  • Subtitling

    Diversity comes in the form of different languages. To breach the wall of communication limits, video captioning was founded, aka, subtitling; intended for viewers who do not speak a certain type of language.

    But before proper subtitling, you need some transcription work done first. In this aspect, a transcription VA works like magic.

Wrapping Up!

Transcription may seem insubstantial on the surface, and a do-it-yourself kind of job. But, if you finally came to this point, perhaps, you have a better understanding now, of the depths of transcribing.

It’s a good investment for marketing repurposing, SEO, enriching accessibility and consequently nabbing untapped opportunities.

Sure, different companies have different needs, but on the subject of hiring a transcription virtual assistant in this very driven technological age, the answer is palpable.

Get the word out, fast, accurately and unbounded with a transcription virtual assistant.