Build Up Your Brand with a Graphic Design Virtual Assistant

High-quality graphic design is not a luxury but a necessity; work with a graphic design virtual assistant so that you can get your brand across and be memorable.

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”

To tell you, those pretty words aren’t just meant to make anyone sound smart.

Images or graphics, whatever you choose to call them, always make a great selling point in whichever industry you are in. They are designed to convey even the most complicated of messages.

Books have visual jackets. Movies have promotional posters. It goes without saying that visual content is the most powerful avenue to grabsomeone’s attention and build brand identity.

While you can always work on your creative juice, but, if you’re a startup looking for some solidproduct illustrations or brand logo, a graphic design virtual assistant is the perfect business move.

When you have a talented graphic design VA, your business has a shot at standing out online.

Read ahead and we’ll tell you what this outsourced worker does, and all the reasons why you should hire one.

What is a Graphic Design Virtual Assistant?

strong>A graphic design virtual assistant is a trained professional, who does visual content remotely.Virtual graphic designer jobs includecrafting marketing materials, page layouts, packaging design and custom graphics.

This outsourced asset has excellent IT skills, particularly in design and photo-editing and is knowledgeable in software programs, providing both technical and creative assistance.

In addition, the very talented ones are even capable of bringing personality into your company’s brand, conveying the right message to your target audience.

The design industry is fast catching in outsourcing with the likes of a video editor or an interior design virtual assistant coming up consequently in the market. Even Amazon sellers are joiningthe bandwagon with their latest offer of an Amazon virtual assistant graphic designer.

This could only mean one thing; graphic designers have become an invaluable force in the virtual world.

Why a Graphic Design Virtual Assistant?

Here’s an honest take:why work with a graphic design VA, and not an onsite graphic designer who can work with you in the flesh?

Well, there are 5 important reasons why they make for a better hire; cost, time, flexibility, productivity and up-to-date.

  • Cost Saving

    If you consider the experience, level of expertise and scope of work, hiring a graphic designer seems like a luxury only megacorpscan afford —it’s expensive.

    There are alsoadditionalexpenses to worry about like health insurance andretirement, and another for equipment and rent.Luckily, hiring a graphic design virtual assistant takes all of that off your plate.

    But beyond that, since, most VA providers come from countries with a lower cost of living, you’re actually paying them a much lesser salary than someone from the U.S.

    With a graphic design virtual assistant in your arsenal, you can get what you want without compromising quality, just because of a budget constraint.

  • Saves Time

    No physical presence is not at all detrimental especially if you’re working with a virtual assistant.

    Skilled graphic design VAs breeze through some of the most tedious tasks in the office such as researching and analyzing data. Sincethe graphic design virtual assistant job description offers solutions to many visual content activities in a speedy and accurate resolve, you can complete a project a lot fasterwith range and without costly mistakes.

    You have more time for the more important stuff.

  • Offer Flexible Arrangement

    Just like a content creation VA, a graphic design virtual assistant operates on a special timetable. They provide the service from outside the office, around the globe, in a different time zone. This means a graphic design virtual assistant’s online availability can go beyond your usual working hours, elevating customer service.

  • Improved Productivity

    Virtual assistants only get paid for the time they work.Thus, they usually do soon their own terms at their chosen hours when they’re most productive. Thatmeans, every hour is spent doing actual work with quality output.

    With a clear objective and more focus, your graphic design virtual assistant delivers exceptional results right on target.

  • Up-to-date

    It’s hard to keep pace in the fast-changing digital world. Itseems like there’s something new coming up every other week, right?

    That said, with a good graphic design virtual assistant, you won’t have to worry about keeping up with the latest and the hottest graphic designs in the market. This remote asset will take care of it.

    Every visual content your brand comes up with will stay fresh, relevant and memorable.

Design Projects for a Graphic Design Virtual Assistant

Now that we’ve established what makes graphic design virtual assistants valuable in a company, operation and cost-wise. It’s about time we tackle the variety of tasks they can do for you.

Here are the 7 visual content tasks for graphic designer VAs.

  • Logo

    Ownership. Quality. Values.These words are what makes a logo paramount to any organization.

    Although a logo seems so simple and basic on the surface, a lot goes into its formation. Think about the color, lines and balance; all these elements need to come together to create a timeless, memorable and versatile visual representation.

    So, forthis pivotal task, you need a highly-skilled professional, aka, a graphic design virtual assistant, knowledgeable in the ins and outs of logo creation, someone who can stronglytranslate and convey the message of your brand.

  • Social Media Visuals

    If you think social pages are a bunch of random colorful patterns and fancy text mesh together to create a design, think again, because it’s more complicated than that.

    Maintaining an identity across social media network requires a strategy. You need to know what content works effectively for each channel and which platform is needed for your brand.

    With a graphic design virtual assistant, you have a deadly combination of marketing and design VA. A reliable staff who knows how to tweak and sell the elements of your visual artto best target your audience.

  • Website Graphics

    Do you want to expand your website’s potential?

    Well then, work with a highly-creative graphic design virtual assistant and have all your site visuals custom-made for you.

    This remote worker has the tricks to boost your website’s impact like incorporating additional design elements like hero images and typography, that perfectly capture your company’s brand and goal, helping you stand out amidst the competition.

  • E-Book Design

    E-books are the electronic versions of bulky paperbacks. It’s more lightweight, portable and extremely space-savvy, perfect for the always-on-the-gomillennials.

    But with the mountain of e-books prompting all over the internet today,how do you evenfetch leads to an electronic read?

    Three words; catchy graphic design.

    The power of visual communication is imminent in building a stronger connection. That is where a graphic design virtual assistant comes in handy, creating a simple by striking layouts from cover to cover and making the reading experience all too engaging.

    More than just aesthetics, playing with creativity pushes people to read more and faster. It strengthens a brand, makes it memorable and shows credibility.

  • Business Cards

    No, business cards are not dead. In fact, it has only gone digital.

    You can still get a groove on with your networking activity and let it be known by slapping your brand and contact information on a very snappy layout.

    Do this the strong way with a professional graphic design virtual assistant who can throw in a new look for your business cards.

  • Digital Brochures

    Wondering if brochures are still effective in the digital era? They still certainly are.

    Introducing, digital brochures; an online catalog meant to achieve high-quality marketing and branding.

    While each brochure contains many elements, the most important piece that determines the effectiveness of a brochure is the graphic design.

    So, get a graphic design virtual assistant to create something simple yet very eye-catching visual pieces to bring your brand to life.


Design is intelligence made visible. It’s an arresting piece created to make a statement. But like all great things, this process can’t be rushed.

As such, a graphic design VA can be a great asset in bringing quality graphics into your work. They understand how to communicate your brand and get the message across to your target audience at a price where you can save money, do more and thrive.

Up your game,today, hire a graphic virtual assistant.