The World’s Most Effective Receptionist: Virtual Receptionist

The World’s Most Effective Receptionist: Virtual Receptionist

Thrust upon the digital stratosphere, administrative work has taken a life of its own. From scheduling to data entry and email management, there’s no shortage of administrative roles in today’s virtual era.

And now, you can add a virtual receptionist to that line-up too.

The communicators. The organizers. The problem solvers. The cordial.

Yes, these are a bunch of nice words, you can associate with a virtual receptionist.

However, they’re not just the friendly human voices from the other end. In business, they’re an asset, offering a variety of services that can increase the level of professionalism to your consumer line. In fact, they might just be the answer to your customer management calls.

Read on and find out what this new breed of virtual assistant brings to your business table.

What is a Virtual Receptionist?

“Hello, thank you for calling. How may I help you today?”

Perhaps, the motto that resonates well with a virtual receptionist job description is “No call ever gets unanswered.”

Line genies in the phone line, a virtual receptionist also known as a live receptionist is a remote worker who answers the calls and caters all customer needs, giving your client confidence and allowing you to connect with your target audience on a daily basis.

What Does a Virtual Receptionist Do?

Yes, virtual receptionists take the same job as traditional receptionists.

Their usual responsibilities include:
  • Answer calls
  • Book appointments
  • Take messages
  • Solve customer issues
  • Relay information
  • Transfer calls
  • Make follow-up calls
  • Make travel arrangements
  • Update records
  • File and maintain documents

However, what separates virtual receptionists from their on-site counterparts is that they have the ability to greatly improve your customer service.

How can they do that?

Here are the impressive ways they can.

  • 24/7 Availability

    Sometimes a call gets unanswered — you know when a receptionist calls in sick.

    Wrong! With a virtual receptionist in tow that wouldn’t be a problem, no more.

    Now, you can easily eliminate staffing issues with the use of a live-streaming receptionist platform like WelcomeWare. This web-based program can cover your 24/7 live front-desk operation remotely via an innovative kiosk—doing it anytime, anywhere with a smile.

  • Fast and Sleek

    The virtual nature of online receptionists typically means they work on a single computer with all the necessary tools and programs embedded in it. This means everything is a lot more accessible and faster especially if you incorporate live-streaming tools like WelcomeWare.

    Not only swift, but a virtual receptionist also boasts of being extremely effective in handling complex interactions such as irate, confused and demanding clients with plenty of wishes.

    Apart from being problem solvers, this offshore worker is also trained to multitask and do efficiently with the assistance of front-desk streaming platforms.

  • Welcoming Environment

    When everything seems amiss in the office, the only thing that can salvage a situation near ruin is having a positive attitude.

    This optimism is especially relevant to customer interactions because it sets the mood and tone for a company. In this aspect, best believe, that a virtual receptionist breathes far more cheerfulness than an onsite worker.

    The reason? They thrive at flexible working arrangements which helps them maintain a work-life balance, meaning they’re highly driven and motivated.

    A virtual receptionist is more energetic and less stressed; the perfect drivers for creating a welcoming environment.

  • Finding Opportunities

    Speaking of the benefits of having tons of energy, a virtual receptionist can easily sniff opportunities because, well, they’re more attentive. As a consequence, they’re most likely to carry out a good conversation, making customers feel appreciated and welcomed.

    With such trust, clients are more open to handing out vital information that you can use in improving your company’s customer relationships and crafting long-term strategies.

Reasons to Hire a Virtual Receptionist

Now, that you’re well acquainted with the range of duties a virtual receptionist can do and how they contribute in boosting your customer service.

It’s time to look at the advantages of bringing in this outsourced help into your business operation.

Below are the top benefits of hiring a virtual receptionist.

  • Reduced Expenses

    Here’s a fact; hiring a virtual receptionist for a small business is the best avenue to reduce costs, specifically the operation and labor costs.

    When you hire an in-house receptionist, you also extend the cost to training, salary and benefits. For startups on a tight budget, this proves to be such a poor choice when you have a cheaper and better option.

    Working with a virtual receptionist eliminates all the additional expenses. You don’t need to buy equipment, rent an office or pay for health insurance. As a result, you can save up as much as 78% in a year, just for the operational cost alone.

  • Enhanced Productivity

    Another reason why hiring a virtual receptionist works wonders is that it gives you more freedom and time to focus on the high-value tasks that directly lead to growing your company.

    For the rest of the team, an outsourced worker can take some of the workloads, per se, of your web developer, by updating records and relaying messages that certainly consume their time. By adhering to this virtual alternative, your in-house web developer will have more time updating your website and improving its functioning.

  • Quality Customer Service

    Aside from productivity and reducing cost, the third best thing about hiring a virtual receptionist is adding a layer of professionalism into your business.

    When you have a trained staff who can offer great service like a customer support VA can, you make certain of providing the highest possible customer satisfaction ever.

    With their excellent communication skills and ability to handle complex situations, rest assured; your brand and customers are in good hands.

  • Multilingual Receptionist

    Wouldn’t it be nice to cater to your target audience with limited communication barriers? How would your customers feel when they make a call and hear their own language being spoken to them? That would certainly be exciting.

    Bridging barriers to communication not only enhances your company’s professional level but will be advantageous as well, in building customer relationships and stretching your customer base.

    Luckily, hiring a virtual receptionist opens doors for such quality multilingual staff. There are many outshouting companies that have access to a pool of talented remote workers right now, so finding one wouldn’t be a hassle at all.

  • Round the Clock Support

    Yes, we have already mentioned that a virtual receptionist service entails having someone answer calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and that’s all throughout the year. Still, we’re bringing it up again as it is probably one of the strongest selling points of hiring a virtual assistant.

    Partnering with live answering services offers an uninterrupted business operation, around the clock, even while you sleep. This provides a high-quality experience because it’s more accessible, responsive and reliable.

    Let’s be honest, an answering machine is a total bummer, especially for a client in desperate need. Thus, at the end of the day, there’s nothing better than a real person taking customer calls.

On a side note —for companies in their early stage of operation, a live receptionist for a small business is a great addition to your organization. Not only because it’s cheap but because it gives you more time for the core tasks that you need to scale.

Winding Up!

Reading through this article, you should be super convinced by now of the powers of a virtual receptionist.

Productivity. Cost Effectiveness. Quality Support. Non-stop availability. All these you can wield at a price that even small businesses can live. What else can you ask for?

Don’t let your company miss any call because that next buzz is an opportunity ringing. So, hurry up and start working with a virtual receptionist.