Access and Use Customer Support VA; It Works Wonders

Access and Use Customer Support VA; It Works Wonders

Too many long hours in the office? Burn out? It’s crystal clear that you’re completely overworking yourself to a point of physical and mental exhaustion.

We understand that growing a business comes with bigger responsibilities. That means dealing with constant customer inquiries and hitches, with little to no time for the most important business stuff.

It doesn’t have to be that way though; you can carry out the mission without being snowed under by the little things. All you need to do is tap on that outsourced help and bam, hassle-free with plenty of time for the core ones.

Yes, be busy but don’t let your customer service be a casualty. Keep your most precious resource happy by working with a customer support virtual assistant now.

What Is a Customer Service Virtual Assistant?

If you’re marveling at what customer service VAs do all day, they take on the customer service administrative tasks of answering calls, replying to emails and addressing complaints.

To put it simply, they’re there to enhance your customer service operations, easing your patrons’ pain and making sure they get what they need.

So, is a virtual assistant the same as customer support?

Not exactly, but pretty close.

You see, customer support basically offers technical assistance such as handling bill inquiries and order processing. Therefore, to excel as a CS agent, you need to be a great English conversationalist and a speedy problem-solver.

On the other hand, customer support VAs do the same services but with a lot broader coverage. They’re all over the place essentially, without the scripted nature of a call-center work.

For instance, they may handle calls in the morning and do market research in the remaining hours.

Moreover, customer support deals with many clients whereas a virtual assistant often manages a specific customer’s needs.

In other words, they’re interrelated but VAs are more dynamic while customer support agents are often fixed in one role.

If that is the case, then, is a virtual assistant part of customer service?

That’s an emphatic, YES.

Virtual personal assistants online can embody the duties of customer service personnel. The only difference is that VAs do this remotely. Just like a CS representative, the general goal is always to provide superior support to customers, either by responding to their calls fast or giving solutions to their problems.

Should You Hire a Customer Support Virtual Assistant?

Can a boat move without propellers? Of course not, take off the thrust and nothing will ever happen.

It’s the same thing with hiring a customer support VA, who is an indispensable element in scaling that business mount Rushmore.

As Connier Edler once said, “Excellent customer service is the number one job in any company. Without customers, there is no company.”

This is why it is only fitting that you take care of the most treasured stakeholders of your organization, by giving them excellent service.

This is what virtual customer support jobs bring to your business table.

• They keep you from doing the same old arbitrary activities.

Many entrepreneurs build their own companies because they want to be the masters of their own ships. They can do the things they want and remove the things they don’t want to do.

Yet, with a growing business, you still end up working exhausted and doing all the heavy lifting.

Well, working with a virtual assistant can change all the stressful ways, giving you the helm to embark on your company’s main vision while maintaining the efficacy of your non-core level activities.

• They create the most time-efficient arrangement

Do you believe that your greatest resource is your time?

You should, because your earning ability depends on how you use up every millisecond. Therefore, it’s time to guard your working hours and start maximizing them based on what holds the highest value.

A VA can do many tasks simultaneously. So, when you hand over the extra load to a customer support virtual assistant, you’re basically advancing every time spent in your company towards the right successful path.

Even though you might have apprehensions at first, you’ll soon realize that a professional can’t only satisfy virtual administrative assistant services but can also help create raving fans.

• They help build positive relationships.

In the business way of things; the customers are always right. Thus, having a good healthy relationship with them is very advantageous for your company’s long-term success.

But then again, a packed schedule is unavoidable and sometimes, you can’t seem to find time to keep in touch. The good news is that customer support is just right around the corner, helping you with your virtual administrative services.

Now, you can focus on building your business empire, while your VA takes good care of your amazing customers.

• They encourage smooth daily operations with satisfaction.

Delegating tasks transitions to smooth operation.

Yes, you can always choose to work around an in-house setting but hear this out, collaborating with virtual assistants makes an organized operation because they see through the work in a much deeper way.

Deeper in what sense?

They can do a myriad of tasks simultaneously. That said, if you ever need an email support virtual assistant, they can do that, instantaneously.

Yes, faster, as many consumers expect you to.

   • More than 40 percent expect an email response around a 6-hour time frame.
   • Over 72 percent expect a Twitter response within an hour.

Quite daunting, but you can meet these expectations with a virtual assistant in tow. You feel secure going about your business endeavors, knowing that someone has your customer service covered.

• They provide extra persuasion aka. some marketing skills.

It’s settled - marketing is the heart of the organization. And with today’s many technological advances, marketing is becoming more available.

But having a customer support virtual assistant makes this edge even more appealing. Take note, VA’s do not only provide assistance, they make things better too.

The customer service virtual assistant job description also details being a great salesperson. VAs understand well how to attract interest and turn them into paying prospects. They got that superior customer service down to a tee.

Before Working with a Customer Support VA, You Should…

Now that you’re fully convinced of the beauty of a remote worker, here are some ground rules to think about before you rush into getting that customer support virtual assistant.

• Know what you want

Try asking yourself; which tasks do you need help? What do you want to outsource?

Some people might generalize virtual assistants, thinking they’re all the same sort. You have to understand that there are specific skills needed to complete a task like a virtual sales assistant is different from a customer service VA.

Additionally, you must consider whether a full-time staff is more beneficial to your company compared to a freelancer.

The best thing about being a business owner though is having the flexibility to choose. So, learn to take advantage of this, and accomplish your job specifications first before sticking to any job posting and saying “yes,” to a candidate.

• Figure Out Where to Find Your Virtual Candidate

There are tons of virtual assistant marketplaces to begin your search.

In total, you have four popular channels to choose from.

  • 1. Freelance Marketplaces (Upwork, Fiverr, Toptal, Guru)
  • 2. Virtual Assistant Agencies
  • 3. Social Media (Twitter, Facebook or Instagram)
  • 4. Referrals

• Short-list Your Candidates

You have to qualify your candidates, screen them and get rid of those low-effort applications.

Once you find prospects who match your qualifications, it’s time to know them better via a video interview. Ask them questions directly related to the job offered. Then you can proceed with giving them a test or an assignment to measure their skills, and even their attitude when under pressure.

Summing Up!

When you need to ramp up your customer service, it’s the virtual assistant jobs that can spur major improvements.

A VA works like magic in saving time and money while still getting the job done with flying colors.

So, focus on the competition and focus on the customer — sign up for a customer support VA today.