For Work Efficiency and Growth; Virtual Secretary Service

For Work Efficiency and Growth; Virtual Secretary Service

Here’s a question: Are you having difficulty keeping up with your daily administrative routine? Are you looking to break free from the mundane tasks and start focusing on the more important stuff? If you are, hitting up a virtual secretary service will surely get you back on track.

For many businesses, choosing to hire a virtual assistant, whether full-time or part-time, is a major game-changer. So much so, because you’re getting the support you desperately need with far less investment.

What other alternative offers such a cost-effective deal without compromising quality? Umph, couldn’t think of any.

Let’s get you more acquainted with this digital personal assistant, shall we? And we’re hoping that by the end of this article, you will want to work with one.

What Exactly Does a Virtual Assistant Do?

So, what is a VA job description?

First of all, the job of a virtual assistant is to offer you a cost-effective solution to all your “admin tasks” worries (your mundane repetitive tasks). Here are a few of them.

  • Answer phone calls
  • Manage your calendar
  • Sort inbox and respond to emails
  • Data entry
  • Research
  • Travel arrangement
  • Bookkeeping
  • Make presentations/report
  • Manage contact lists
  • Provide customer support

Bear in mind that this set of daily assignments can always change depending on the nature of your business and the work that needs to be done.

Nevertheless, if you’re having trouble with what to offload to a virtual assistant, you can always ask yourself these questions:

  • What are the tasks that I don’t want to do?
  • What are the tasks that I don’t have the necessary skills to complete?
  • What are the tasks that consume a huge chunk of my time?
  • What are the tasks that I don’t need to personally attend?

Now, What Is a Virtual Secretary?

A virtual secretary is an administrative professional who is responsible for managing the repetitive administrative tasks in your company. But instead of doing it in a physical office, this employee is a contracted virtual assistant who works from anywhere.

Basically, a virtual secretary maintains and organizes office tasks to make sure the organization is keeping an effective administration. However, their duties vary significantly depending on the nature of the industry they’re working for.

For instance, a virtual legal secretary will have to make sure that a company meets the legal requirements. They will have to prepare legal documents and learn legal software.

  • Do YOU Actually Need a Virtual Secretary?

    Did you know that hiring a full-time on-site secretary will cost you around $30,000 (salary) in a year?

    Apart from that staggering price, you’re also expected to pay for employee benefits and other overhead costs such as office equipment, rent, utilities and insurance. That adds up pretty fast, doesn't it?

    Working with a contractual virtual secretary service is an easier alternative. You can hire someone, part-time or full-time, pay them at a cheaper hourly rate, and then scale them up however you want while still enjoying a high-quality result.

    So, ask yourself, would you pass the opportunity of hiring a virtual secretary assistant?

What are the Tasks of a Virtual Secretary Service?

Let’s say you are sold on the idea of a virtual secretary service, but you’re still unsure of how they can help.

If that’s the case, here are the following general tasks a virtual secretary can do for you.

  • Email Management
  • Bookkeeping
  • Take Phone Calls
  • Handle Social Media Channels
  • Organize Meetings
  • Manage Databases
  • Receive Guests
  • Order and Maintain Supplies
  • Assist in Projects

While an on-site employee can handle these tasks, they carry more financial and management pressure. A virtual secretary service is a great starting point, especially if you’re a startup or a small business. They can let you lead your company and be the “boss” without the extra burden.

Why are the Business Benefits of a Virtual Secretary Assistant?

On top of the many tasks a virtual secretary can manage on your behalf, they also entail important benefits (aside from cutting down costs).

Let’s take a look at the reasons why a virtual secretary can help your business grow, beyond the costs.

  • Do More with Less

    You can always decide whether to hire a virtual secretary assistant full-time or part-time. This means that you’re not obligated to fully commit for the long term.

    You can learn the ways how to manage them, determine if they’re a great fit and smooth out the flow of your operation with minimal investment.

  • More Flexibility

    Understand that this isn’t your remote worker’s first admin task foray. They have done this before across different industries.

    Of course, like typical new employees, they may need some time to adjust to your working style. However, their adaptability is quite something to rave for. A virtual secretary service can get on top of your office chores (without training) and do so effectively.

  • Complete the Task in the Best Possible Way

    In relation to their ability to be flexible, a trained and experienced virtual secretary assistant comes in armed and ready.

    Since they have experience, they can incorporate a new system or tools to manage daily tasks better.

    So, it may seem that a virtual secretary assistant more than pays for the cost because they can do the work more efficiently while taking your massive workload off your shoulders.

Best Virtual Secretary Service Apps to Boost Productivity

In terms of specific virtual secretary requirements, that’s entirely up to you…the employer.

However, anyone who wants to find a career as a virtual secretary has more chances to beat the competition if they have some knowledge of optimization and organization techniques.

Speaking of which, here are the best digital secretary apps that will give you an extra pair of hands to improve your productivity.

  • Doodle

    Stress about finding a perfect match for your client’s available times? Doodle is a free scheduling tool that can help you organize the best meeting time for the team, in less than a minute.

  • OnMail

    There’s no beating email as the number one tool for connecting people across continents. Despite making our lives easier and faster, email management still proves to be a challenge.

    If you can’t deal with inbox clutter, no more, OnMail is here to change your email and change your business life…all for the better.

  • Travel Perk

    Thanks to Travel Perks you’ll be getting rid of the “hassle” in your travel planning. From reporting to booking features, they have every tool you need for an easier travel management process.

  • Evernote

    As a virtual secretary assistant, you’ll be taking information and mapping out ideas. Through it all, organization is the utmost priority and Evernote can help you with that.

    All in one place, you can write, upload photos and add digital files to your documents.

What Is the Difference Between a Secretary and a Virtual Assistant?

We know what a secretary is. But you might have a vague sense of how different it is from a virtual assistant, aside from the remote location of the latter.

Secretary vs. Virtual Assistant.

We’re breaking down their key differences into 3 aspects.

  • Skill Set

    The main focus of a secretary is to help you with administrative tasks which means they don’t necessarily need a profound set of skills.

    In contrast, virtual assistant skills offer experienced and professional support. This means they can handle more complex work across a variety of tasks that require more diverse skill sets.

  • Working Arrangement

    First of all, a secretary is part of your in-house support, staying with you and helping with the daily to-do list with a promise of continuity.

    A virtual assistant on the other hand is a contractual worker. You can hire them either part-time or full-time and scale them up or down whenever the demands are fluctuating.

  • Flexibility

    Since secretaries are in-house employees, they enjoy stable working hours. While this can be advantageous to an extent, they may not be able to help you during unforeseen situations.

    On the flip side, a virtual assistant is very flexible. Remember different time zones? You won’t have to wait for a convenient time to delegate work. You can always find a VA who can work around your schedule for that one-time task.

Scale Your Business with a Virtual Secretary Service

Long gone are the days when secretaries go to a physical office in a 9-to-5 job. The digital business landscape is stirring up a new norm that makes a virtual secretary service a necessity.

Although a secretary can do all the work a secretary VA can do, virtual assistants make for an affordable arrangement that carries superb business value.

Trained to meet your flexible needs, make a steal for a virtual secretary service today and watch your business grow.