How to Power-Up Your Startup with a Virtual Assistant

Each day you spend doing menial tasks is a wasted day. Learn where to focus your time and what to leave on the curb; Power-Up Your Startup with a virtual assistant

When you have a vision for something and want to create, the urge to work at a breakneck speed becomes natural and you start doing everything on your own.

But what happens then, if you bite off more than you can chew?

Things begin to crack — your website hangs, calls go unanswered, social media gets abandoned and family dinners get canceled.

Not that only startups have a long laundry list to deal with on a regular basis because all businesses do. The only difference is that established companies have more resources. You’re a startup, you might be overflowing with ideas, but you don’t have enough money, manpower and even technology to make it happen.

So, if you’re getting that feeling, the impression of working so tirelessly, yet, the papers still keep piling up, opportunities fall to missed opportunities, and progress isn’t moving fast enough — it’s time to try a new trick.

And you’re just in luck because we have a “strategic” plan set up for you, it’s called a VIRTUAL ASSISTANT for startups.

In this blog, we cover what virtual assistants do and why they are good for your small business.

Does Your Business Need a Virtual Assistant?

Nobody thinks that running a startup is easy. Of course, it’s tough. There are always more side projects that haven’t found a home yet. It’d be nice to have extra hands for support without breaking the bank.

Introducing, a virtual assistant for startups.

VAs offer a wide range of business-related services, helping you manage a busy day and giving you more time to focus on the urgent tasks at hand.

These remote professionals are problem solvers. They have the skills and ability to play several different positions and pick up the tasks that don’t quite fit the job description of your full-time hire.

What Does a Virtual Assistant Do for a Small Business?

There are so many tasks that you can delegate to your virtual assistant.

And we’ve managed to round up some that you can outsource to your virtual assistant including:

  • 1. Administrative Tasks

    Virtual assistants primarily do all the basic stuff of operation in the company.

    For starters, they can manage your emails, calls, calendar, travels and even database. They can coordinate events, send invoices, update information and track inventories — like we said, all around, whatever you need and whatever office tasks are left on the wayside.

  • 2. Personal Tasks

    Apart from shadowing you in the office, a virtual assistant takes a step further by also taking care of your personal activities such as booking doctor appointments, ordering daffodils in your favorite flower shop or making reservations in a restaurant.

    For sure, they’ll show up and even send handwritten thank-you notes to family members on your behalf.

  • 3. Customer Service

    Virtual assistants can elevate your customer experience to a whole new level…really.

    Those day-to-day chores that you find hard to do because of your hectic schedule — replying to inquiries, responding to calls and comments on social media, providing technical assistance and maintaining fresh information on your website. VAs can offer support, so you can gain more followers and network.

  • 4. Content Writing

    As always, content is king.

    And that’s exactly why a virtual assistant is essential in getting your message across all demographics and territorial borders. They can create engaging blog posts and newsletters and have them posted and shared on your website and social handles. They can even proofread it for you, design the template and make sure everything is SEO-friendly.

  • 5. Development and Web Design

    Talking about virtual assistants with more specialized skills — VAs who have a knack for programming and coding can develop and maintain a good website for your business.

    They can make it aesthetically appealing and user-friendly at the same time. But more than that, they also deal with technical capacity and performance.

  • 6. Sales

    Without sales, what do you need marketing for?

    In order to get your sales grooving, you need to research, build contacts, find people and then make calls. These may all sound easy, but it definitely takes a lot of time.

    You’re better off with a virtual assistant who will not only manage the above mentions but also, deal with sales administration.

  • 7. Marketing

    Inversely, how can you increase sales without some gold old marketing?

    There are several tasks a marketing virtual assistant can do for your business such as coming up and executing marketing campaigns, conducting market research and providing performance analytics.

    VAs will help you promote your business and build something that your audience will love.

Why Should You Hire a Virtual Assistant for a Startup?

Virtual assistants are assets for startups that are looking to reduce costs and maximize productivity.

Imagine, you have little to zero employer responsibilities, no additional compensations or long-term commitments. In short, you get to enjoy immense scalability with little less to worry about.

Here are the best reasons why a virtual assistant for startups is a good investment.

  • Big Operating Costs Savings!

    What is better than running a company and hiring people for less money while getting the exact same result?

    Since virtual assistants usually hail from countries with a far lower cost of living, you can charge them less than a fraction of the market rate for their services.

    Moreover, VAs are not really employees but contractual workers, so you’re not obligated to pay compensation benefits like paid time off or health insurance. This is great news for startups short on cash that don’t want to sacrifice productivity.

    You can save as much as 78 percent in the total operating costs alone —money that you could use for projects that could grow your business.

  • Amp Production Capacity

    The moment your company gains momentum, you’re faced with more demands from customers.

    However, when you run your operation with the support of a skilled virtual ally, you can increase your productivity without ever compromising excellent customer service.

    These extra hands can help you scale your operations by keeping up with the demand. VAs are outsourced from different time zones and don’t have a fixed working schedule which means they can provide round-the-clock production without you spending overtime pay.

    Even better, the skilled ones need little to zero training at all. Therefore, you can integrate them into the team easily and still get the best results.

  • Better Organizational Structure

    What makes the entire operation flop so bad is the lack of organizational structure that leads to inefficiency. That’s why, it’s always handy when you hire a virtual assistant to help you create an efficient working environment.

    These remote workers have the skills and experience to develop business systems and frameworks that are flexible and accessible.

    From communication systems and project management to hiring, a good VA can handle it all. By working with them, you can delegate tasks, onboard workers, and monitor performance efficiently and get more work done.

  • Superb Flexibility

    One of the allures of building your own company is being your own boss. While that is true, that type of freedom also comes with the cost of bearing all the crises. So, if you don’t have anyone to watch your back, things will get a little crazy and overwhelming.

    But with a reliable virtual assistant, you can share the burden of managing your business. So that if you ever want to go on vacation, you can do so without worrying.

    With them, you can act like a boss and enjoy immense flexibility while still getting the little stuff done without costing you a fortune.

  • Wide Array of Skills and Expertise

    VAs come from diverse backgrounds and industries, so it is not beyond them to offer fresh ideas and inputs that you can use to better operate and target a specific market.

    That said, virtual assistants are not only great at handling basic administrative tasks, but the ones with specialized skills and expertise can also offer great support with such a range too — from customer, sales and marketing to social media.

    For startups with fewer resources, outsourcing will allow you to hire someone with real knowledge of areas that you don’t know much about for a cheaper price. And since they can work faster and yield better results, you can save plenty of time without compromising quality.

So, Power-Up Your Startup with a Virtual Assistant !

It might be easier to romanticize the adventures of building your own company, but in reality, it’s a drag to run and save it every day.

But with a remote worker, startups can grow and stay on top of things — generating an expansive list of services while minimizing cost, increasing productivity and streamlining operations, they have all the makings of boosting your growth.

Outsource a virtual assistant today and grow your business tomorrow.