The Different Types of Remote Workers in Your Remote Team

Think the digital nomads are one and the same? Think again, because there are different types of remote workers you’ll face in the digital world.

In the face of the global pandemic during 2020, the world of business sheds a different light on remote workers.

All of a sudden, working from anywhere became a reality for many professionals and business owners. It was like creating a very dynamic office ecosystem where everyone could still function amidst the quarantine struggles.

So, what’s the overall impression of this refreshing working style? Well, it seems like remote workers aren’t going anywhere.

As modern technology continues to advance in the future, remote work will sustain its popularity and rise even more. Why not? It’s cost-effective, agile and more productive than the old traditional office ways.

Alas, if your company’s supporting a remote staff, here’s a question we’d like to ask: how do you ensure you don’t bump into unpleasant surprises when you’re employing them?

To help, we’ll explore the different types of remote workers and the one tool you can leverage to make sure you get to select a remote ally without expecting complications.

What Is Considered a Remote Worker?

A remote worker is someone who provides services, specifically business-related tasks, from a remote location other than the physical office set up by the employer.

In this role, a remote employee completes a variety of tasks using the computer. In terms of communication, they also do it online via chat messaging, video and phone calls.

What Is an Example of a Remote Worker?

Nowadays, it’s pretty typical for an organization to offer flexible working arrangements. This means an employee doesn’t have to be in the same location all the time and can choose to work from anywhere. That’s one of the perks of delegating to a virtual assistant.

The perfect example of a remote worker is a virtual assistant, who is a professional from all over the world and offers a wide range of services to business people such as data entry, blog writing, research, marketing and administration.

In a Nutshell: What Are the Types of Remote Working?

Hiring remote workers is a breather for your budget. Thus, it makes sense that you want to keep your newfound remote work setting and think of adding some more.

In order to make the most of your investment, though, you should think about how to motivate your workforce. But to do that, you should first understand the depth of your remote team, meaning the types of remote workers you’re dealing with.

Perhaps you’ve already chanced on one, two or three of them. However, for the sake of those who haven’t yet and are just starting out, here are the different types of remote workers that you can collect overtime.

  • The Night Owl

    The typical workplace is quite busy—the background noise of gossip, meetings here and there, and coffee breaks. Therefore, the Night Owls choose to knock their tasks off the to-do list at night, where everyone’s superbly busy snoozing.

    Remote workers can thrive in strange environments. And this specific type is at the peak of productivity after dark office hours. They enjoy working remotely and the perks of avoiding unnecessary small talk.

  • Captain Worrywart

    What’s the worst-case scenario that could possibly happen with this project? This is what Captain Worrywart is probably thinking at the moment—all the ways it could go wrong.

    Don’t get us wrong; they’re amazing remote workers who will put in the extra hours just to get things done and meet deadlines. They’ll even help a struggling remote teammate, without incentives, mind you.

    But it’s just that, this remote worker keeps things under control and organized, even if it means ruining their work-life balance.

  • Watchmen

    Some employees are just always there, hovering, lurking and minding their own business. Watchmen are exactly that—colleagues who read your messages but just never answer.

    This remote worker is always in the know but doesn’t want to talk to others and simply hands in their work promptly. They’re quite innovative but hate when the spotlight is directed at them.

    Though they can be very creative, Watchmen are bad communicators, as you figured out already, who can cause misunderstandings.

  • The Jet Setter

    Always on the go and never one to settle in one place, the Jet Setters may not always be connected and often prefer their mobile phone for access. But rest assured, when they’re back in the digital space, they get right on to stay in touch with the team via productivity tools.

  • Clock-Watcher

    What if you have a worker who always comes up with the best ideas and talks about them openly to the team, but just when you thought everything was right on track, you learned they’re not really “pros” but “pros” at procrastinating?

    Aggravating, isn’t it? Especially if you know how much potential they actually have.

    Remote work is a daunting management task, and with this fellow around, it’ll get even more pressing. While they’re good co-workers, they’re just not that into what they’re doing.

  • The All-Rounder

    Ever heard of the saying, “jack of all trades, master of none”? Well, this remote guy is exactly the all-rounder who can write blogs, edit videos and talk to clients. They pretty much know everything, which is why you wonder what their original role was in the first place.

    This remote worker has profound experience and skills courtesy of working with many different industries. Albeit, you love the hardworking master; they just can’t seem to focus and get quality results.

VAV Remote Makes Wonders

Remember what we told you about having that “one tool” you can use to counter any remote work setting jump scares, such as handling different types of remote workers?

What we mean by that is how you can work with a virtual assistant agency—they’re the people who can put actual value to your virtual assistant hunt that you can’t seem to quantify.

At VAV Remote, we take pride in selecting talented virtual assistants who meet your demands and make you part of the whole process, from start to finish. This doesn't mean that you’ll be putting in the work alongside us; no, you call the shots, and we ought to deliver.

Having firsthand experience matching the right virtual assistant for the right job and knowing how it can be a transformative point for your business, we are passionate about building your remote team from around the globe who can help you start your path to success.

How do we work to infuse consistency and competitiveness among our virtual assistants? By taking the following steps…

  • Tools for Work

    To do the job more efficiently and promote effective collaboration, our virtual assistants have the right software tools. They’re always supported through technical difficulties, so no work is ever left hanging, compromising your operation.

  • Effective Communication

    It’s no secret that in a remote business model, communication is crucial. To achieve transparency and teamwork at work, information should flow consistently.

    In that respect, VAV Remote is effective in creating a receptive atmosphere. They don’t just make use of communication channels of your preference, establish meetings, always speak with purpose and manage the time accordingly; they also acknowledge proactive communication as a fundamental aspect of an excellent virtual assistant.

  • The Art of Caring and Motivation

    All work and no play? While remote work is super flexible compared to other alternatives, one may still find it hard to differentiate private life from work life when they’re basically happening in one place.

    Virtual assistant agencies create a level of motivation for their pool of talent. Aside from getting training to upskill, they think about team-building strategies to produce motivated virtual assistants with a positive outlook on work and life. They’re not just productive, but excited to do their job to the best of their abilities.

Some of the virtual assistant services we offer at VAV Remote that you can add to your team right now.

  • Administrative Assistant
  • Digital Marketing Assistant
  • E-commerce site operator
  • Software Developer
  • Video Editor
  • Web Editor
  • Accounting Assistant
  • Recruitment Assistant
  • Bilingual Virtual Assistants

What’s Right for You?

We admit that remote work is not for everybody and that dealing with the different types of remote workers can be as consuming as managing a traditional office staff.

The good news is that you can always partner with a virtual assistant agency and avoid unpleasant surprises when working with a remote employee. They can help you select a virtual assistant who embodies the traits of a great VA and continually improves through training.

Knowing all these, you know which path to choose. There’s never been a better time to kickstart your virtual assistant collaboration and reach out to a VA agency than right now!