Prepping for Opportunites: What Business to Start in 2024

Are you thinking about what business to start? Explore our list of the most profitable businesses in 2024 for aspiring entrepreneurs to help you find success.

When you’re thinking about building your own business, you need a clear vision—what do you want to conquer? How are you going to get there?

Business is not something where you can just jump without thinking. If you’re going to cavort with all your investments, time, money and effort, please do it with a parachute—in that way, you’ll likely land on your feet.

Think! What is the most successful small business to start? Exactly evaluate what business to start and then be creative, work with a virtual assistant and focus on what you’ve set out to do.

To help you launch your entrepreneurial career, we’ve compiled a list of lucrative business ideas for 2024, so you can begin your journey with a bang!

What Business Is Booming Right Now?

So, you’ve decided to be your own boss. Great! The very first thing you need to jumpstart your venture is to figure out what business to start.

With a strong business idea, you’re a step towards becoming successful and rich.

The following business ideas have lower startup costs with so much potential than opening up a restaurant, especially with the continuous advancements of technology. Some of these are even great for enterpreneurs, who are always on the go.

Learn from the most successful American enterpreneurs.

What’s the Easiest Business to Start?


If you have expertise within a certain industry or field, you might want to consider using that extreme knowledge as an independent consultant.

The demand for consulting services has always been high, especially among small companies. From 2022 to 2032, employment as a consultant is expected to grow by 10%—faster than any occupation on average.

As a consultant, you will act as an adviser for startups and fledgling firms, helping them shape strategies to move forward. You get to work on your own terms and make good money with whatever skill set you have.

Personal Trainer

Do you enjoy exercising and have an extreme love for fitness? It’s about time that you turn that passion into a career.

No, you don’t need to build a whole gym to be a personal trainer. You can help people reach their fitness goals while on the road by offering one-on-one sessions or group classes in exercise parks—just throw in some bands, ropes and mats in the back of your car.

Social Media Management

More than half of the world uses social media every day—that’s about 5 billion people across the planet. The average time they spend on Facebook and all the other social channels is around 2 hours and 23 minutes on average.

Case in point: if you’re fluent on Facebook or Instagram, you can make money and use your social media expertise to support companies in managing their social media platforms. That means being proactive in creating relevant content and responding to customers promptly.

All you need is a laptop and a strong internet connection. With the skills you have, you can offer valuable service in a field with strong demand.

Virtual Assistant

With companies going global, many are looking for assistants who can work in different locations and time zones. This is the age of remote working, where there’s no need to go to a physical office just to meet with clients.

As a virtual assistant, you have the flexibility to choose when to work and who to work for. Basically, your job is to make the lives of your clients as manageable as possible, be it in business or personal endeavors.

All you need is a working computer and a strong internet connection to start your business as a VA.

Doggy Daycare

In America, about 65.1 million families own a dog. So if the moms and dads go to work and the kids are at school, who’s going to look after their puppies? Yes, that’s where your doggy daycare comes into action.

In this line of business, you will watch over your client’s canines, feed them, play with them and even train them in a supervised environment. Of course, to keep your clients happy, you also have to keep them updated. This is a good way to show professional courtesy and build rapport.

Cleaning Business

If you like to clean and clean and clean, then starting a cleaning business is the perfect business venture for you. With your already existing cleaning supplies and a car, you can provide cleaning services to the entire neighborhood and apartment complexes.

This is a straightforward business that requires little investment, so long as you are dedicated and do your marketing campaigns right, you’ll attract more clients in no time.

Online Tutor

Are you passionate about learning? Do you have a deep understanding of any subject matter? If you say yes to both questions, you should most definitely open up an online tutoring business.

Since everything is happening online, you can teach whatever course you have advanced knowledge of without geographical restrictions. However, if you don’t have any expertise in any particular subject, you can always teach English to students overseas.


Thanks to technology, online bookkeeping is now possible. If you are an accountant or a bookkeeper, this is the perfect opportunity for you to run your own business and gain autonomy.

Starting a bookkeeping business might take an effort, but there are incredible bookkeeping tools to work with and an entire bookkeeping community online to support you. Plus, the startup entry has never been lower, so we suggest giving it a go.

Affiliate Marketing

So, how does affiliate marketing work?

Affiliate marketing is a partnership between a business and an affiliate. In this case, these affiliates (that would be you) are third-party publishers who promote a product and earn money from each sale. Yes, you don’t need to create your own product; you just need to endorse it while working from anywhere.

So, if you have marketing skills, you can use them to earn money with affiliate marketing. Even better, once you become a successful product marketer, you can start generating passive income as your efforts will continue to generate sales.

Transcription Service

Now that entrepreneurs are penetrating other countries, multilingual speakers have been given an opportunity to use their skills to translate information and spread the word—from documents to websites.

If you’re a polyglot, you can carve out a successful transcription business and earn a flexible income while being your own boss.

Which Business Is Best to Start?

A business that you can start from home is always the most convenient and easiest to manage. But not all business ideas are actually fit for home offices, so beware. You have to properly assess if your possible business venture requires more people and has on-site needs like separate computers or filing cabinets.

How to Start a Business in 3 Easy Steps

Before you can start earning any money from all those business ideas, you need time, effort and some money to get them off the ground.

  • Research

    It’s not enough that you’re reading this; you have to do thorough research. You want to assess if you can really turn that idea into something profitable. You need an accurate view of the marketplace and your competitors to determine your idea's viability.

  • Create a Business Plan

    Once you’ve figured out what business to start, you should create a business plan. Your business plan documents the company’s structure, objectives and strategies. It’s your very own roadmap that will guide you toward success.

    A business plan is also very useful because your potential investors would want to know about your financial plan and the number of your potential clients to evaluate whether or not your business can be successful in the long run.

  • Fund Your Business Idea

    Since you’re starting a new business without any business history, it’s going to be a challenge to qualify for business loans. But thankfully, nowadays funding options are plentiful, such as crowdfunding, grants and even asking people you know to invest.

    If all else fails, that is the only time you should consider a business loan as your last option.

Getting a Virtual Assistant When Starting a Business

Sure, a lightbulb business moment is hard to come by, but if you plan and ponder thoroughly on what business to start, you can launch a successful startup and boost your income.

But if you soon notice that the climbing responsibilities are taking a toll on you and catering to your clients becomes tricky, you can call in a virtual assistant.

VA support is important when starting a business. They are the most cost-effective solution to your overwhelming everyday problems. They can help you scale faster. Plus, they can bring incredible new ideas that might help your brand stand out.

Next step—hire a virtual assistant!