Top 10 Tasks To Delegate to a Virtual Assistant

top 10 tasks you can outsource

You’re barely keeping up with the tight daily to-do list on your schedule.

Although you understand the need to hire, still, you’re unsure what exactly they can bring to the table.

Besides finding the right people to work for you — that’s a job in itself.

Nevertheless, you deserve to see your vision coming to life. But first, you need a team to get there.

And as digital entrepreneurs, we would never stop reminding you of the importance of delegating tasks.

In the same way, we present in this article the repetitive tasks you can hand over to your virtual assistant before you start losing control of your time and business.

What Task Can You Delegate to a Virtual Assistant?

As business owners, time is the dollar coin of your life!

You earn the right to spend it on only the highest value of things.

So, stop doing the small stuff, learn to delegate and explore what tasks can a virtual assistant perform for you.

Here are the top 10 tasks you can outsource.

1. Content Writing

Writing takes time. It requires passion, creativity, and an ample amount of research.

So, why waste hours producing articles you don’t have a knack for when you can simply outsource the task to a talented online content writer?

Content is king!

Therefore, you need a prolific wordsmith who knows the industry and can create the best punchy articles and enticing lines. It will be the special element that set you apart from the rest.

The pool of quality writers on the internet is endless. And you can get them at a lot cheaper price.

2. Website Design

Maintaining a website can be particularly time-consuming and tricky.

From brochure creation and logo design to newsletter layouts, the list of design tasks is long and perplexing for those who are not skilled and inexperienced.

So, if you’re neither experienced nor accomplished in this field, it’s best to delegate the task.

In this way, you can stop wasting time and focus on important marketing ideas to incorporate into your site.

3. SEO Optimization

It’s inevitable to talk about SEO when business competition of today is built on the internet.

That said, it’s not enough that you have quality content or an attractive website. SEO is the ground to cover to increase site traffic.

  • Keywords
  • Backlinks
  • Sitemap submissions
  • Meta tags
  • Traffic and ranking reports
  • User Intent
  • Crawling

Whether it's Google, Bing, Yahoo, or other search engines, analyzing trends and implementing an effective strategy are tasks best entrusted to professional virtual assistants. Let them keep your company well-organized like the greatest entrepreneurs and win the SEO game.

4. Administrative Tasks

When your business takes off, the administration of the office setting is one of the roles to delegate.

The little repetitive tasks in an organization may be less impactful on the overall growth of the company. But they still need attending, to keep the business smoothly flowing and organized.

The management of your calendar, emails, data and calls can be filtered so that you only take care of the most crucial aspects of your business.

Among all the tasks that you can delegate to a virtual assistant, this is probably the most outsourced one.

5. Social Media Management

Typically, 80% of your leads are glued through social channels.

That’s why, it’s a great marketing platform to take advantage of. However, social media management drags tons of hours in a day.

So, if you don’t have hours to give, it's vital that you hire professionals who can effectively attend to your social media accounts.

In developing the right strategies for each type of platform, your social media VA will handle your optimization plans and actively engage in real-time conversations with clients.

They will also be responsible for keeping up with the trends. This way your company can determine immediate responses to the ever-changing dynamics of your target market.

6. Financial Management

Financial management is not for everyone. Nevertheless, it’s a necessary headache that you have to deal with.

It’s a crucial aspect of the business that requires more than just putting numbers in the spreadsheet; it takes an eye for detail and knowledge of the statutory requirements.

But wrangling ledgers all day is not the best use of your time. As an entrepreneur, working on strategic plans and providing management guidance are things only you can effectually provide.

So, if you can entrust a virtual assistant to track expenses and chase payments, you’re eliminating a huge source of stress that’s been bleeding into your time.

7. Recruitment

If you need to recruit staff, you need to go through the long and tedious parts of recruitment; planning, selection and training.

However, being the top-executive of a firm, you won’t have the time to deal with all of that.

Therefore, we recommend bringing in a real expert to manage the hiring process on behalf of your company.

By starting your business with a virtual assistant, you can be sure to save a considerable amount of time finding the right people who will soon become star players in your journey towards organizational advancement.

8. Project Management

"Trying to manage a project without a project manager is like trying to win a football game without a coach."

This Katherine Tate quote pretty much sums up the reason why you need a virtual project manager.

While you create projects and build your brand, you need a point of contact who will independently manage and coordinate the series of tasks in each project.

By hiring a virtual staff, you can delegate these responsibilities accordingly to reach the optimum results.

9. Technical Fields

Onsite technicians have gone through the struggles of technology.

So, if your business revolves around technical fields like aeronautics, architecture or engineering, you should know that you can hire a virtual technician to manage the operational and handheld technologies in the company.

They’re extremely convenient in introducing new technologies and can help with the implementation.

Of course, you can choose the tasks that can be carried out remotely. But it’s worth noting that technical fields are practical work with scientific elements, which can be the most energy-intensive and skill-savvy job role. Therefore, it is highly commendable to be delegated.

10. Sales Support

Do you know that the success of a business goes through the small and reoccurring tasks of customer loyalty and prospecting? Even though we can all agree that it’s one of the most annoying jobs in the world.

Intrinsically, if you leave the sales support to a virtual professional; lead generation, telemarketing and sales pipeline management will have better results.

So, to speak, your English speaking virtual assistant with top-notch sales ability can build connections with people and expand your business reach.

Getting a Virtual Assistant on Board

After diving into the roles to delegate to a virtual assistant, it’s also essential to make sure that the new member of your team is ready and productive.

As such, we have gathered some tips on how to easily integrate a virtual assistant into your company.

A Ready Task Schedule

Successful delegation is a result of planning ahead. So, we suggest that you run tasks on a defined schedule with your virtual assistant, detailing the process of how to navigate certain responsibilities.

Friendly Environment

When you hire a virtual assistant, make them feel welcome. You should treat them the same way as a regular in-house employee and introduce them to the team.

Building a solid relationship where people don’t feel uneasy asking questions is a step toward better teamwork.

Provide Tutorials/Training

If you want to speed things up with a new VA, you should provide quick tutorials to keep them on the same page and training to enhance their skills.

You can even use videos which is great for visual learners and individual learning. Not only are you providing motivation, but you’re also boosting productivity.

It’s basically a win-win situation.

Assessment for Success

In the onboarding stages, it is necessary to measure the success of the new virtual assistant.

You can do this effectively by having them record their efforts in a productivity timesheet.


The reality is you’re running a business where each day brings opportunities and a manifold of new tasks.

And as Jessica Jackley once said, “Deciding what not to do is as important as deciding what to do.”

No person can make a great business who wants to do it all by themselves —building a fruitful business is spreading the workload and moving forward with the team.

When you shift your outlook and delegate well, you fuel successful steps in your business journey.