Online Business Manager: Where Job Hustle Shrinks and Business Grows

Online Business Manager: Where Job Hustle Shrinks and Business Grows

The business light is on, you’re doing great running the company. Even better, a dream opportunity finally fell through, but you can’t help but think.

What if you’ve already stretched your time too thin? Because otherwise, it’s not doable.

No matter how determined or committed you are, there’s still so much work with little time to spare. So, unless you get the help that you need, you’re going to keep turning down the growth machine.

Something has to change and the best way to kickstart that scale is to hire an ONLINE BUSINESS MANAGER.

What is an Online Business Manager?

If you are new to this virtual job title, you probably have lots of questions.

Is it expensive? How does it work? Where can I find one?

The idea of an online business manager is rather new in the digital sphere. This role is a professional offshore support who works on a per-job basis as a freelancer.

Online business managers oversee business planning and management. They are given the freedom to weigh decisions directly related to the business.

Virtual Assistant vs Online Business Manager

Unlike VAs such as a telemarketing virtual assistant, an online business manager handles more complex tasks that impact the business.

This is why an OBM gets to work closely with the business owners to discuss daily operations and strategies.

Why Hire an Online Business Manager?

Online business manager services open up several opportunities.

Their smart insights into the organization will take some of the burdens off of these three important areas in your business.

  • Operational Management: system management, money management, and the overall workflow of the company

  • Project Management: managing and updating projects and making sure resources are available and properly allocated

  • People Management: hiring and developing employees through training and coaching

By allowing an OBM to take charge of these crucial business matters. You then get to enjoy the following BENEFITS.

Explore Opportunities

Thanks to your newly hired OBM, you have the time to engage incredible business prospects.

Let’s be honest, if you MISSED OUT on the OPPORTUNITY, you missed out on a lot of things —the chance to create more projects, make more revenue, and grow the business.

Boost Profit

Following the chain of events, if you cater to more opportunities in the form of projects and feasible partnerships, you gain a network and eventually more sales.

So, to speak, having a managerial expert on board pushes the business forward because they will help you hit your targets and boost your profit.

Eye on the Competition

One crucial area that an online business manager can perform is thorough market research. Of course, this extends to competitor analysis.

With an eagle eye OBM set on the competition, you will gain a better understanding of the industry you are in. From there, you could grow your company’s business chart.

Work Efficiency

There are so many responsibilities associated with running a business. Unfortunately, you won’t always have the time to deal with them on a day-to-day basis. And even though, they’re mostly menial tasks but they can impact the overall output all the same.

But if you work with an online business manager, you get to be efficient in delegating work accordingly and focusing on the most important business matter.

When Should I Hire an OBM?

Are you spending too much time breaking down projects with team members? Did you miss out on another ring of opportunity this month? Do you work over the weekend to finish some reports?

If your response is a big YES to all these questions, then most certainly, it’s time for you to hire an online business manager.

There are signals that you probably missed because of your tight schedule.

But don’t worry, we’ll refresh your memory in this tell-all list of the key signs of when you should hire an online business manager.

You Can No Longer Keep Up

You start a business because you want to be your own boss. You have choices on how to control your time and money.

Alas, as your company balloons, your time also starts to compress because of too many responsibilities. Now, you work harder than ever being self-employed more than you do as a regular 9-to-5 Joe.

You’re unable to respond to emails and meet the necessary schedule, yikes!

All these are the definition of work overload and not having free time that should be enough to take that OBM step.

Opportunities? Great, But in a Long While

Unfortunately, when you have so much on your plate, the time to take advantage of opportunities becomes less and less.

Thus, you find yourself reading the same old script, “I would love to but I just don’t have the time right now.”

If you want to grow your business, you cannot afford to miss projects. An online business manager could have helped turn these prospects into a profitable reality —if only you had one at that time.

You’re Stuck with the Same Little Things

Are you still doing the old stuff?

As the business progresses, so does your role. With that, you can’t be doing the same menial tasks of answering phone calls, setting appointments, or even updating sites.

If you find yourself stuck in the same daily activities eating too much of your time, let an online business manager take over these other job titles.

Where Can I Hire an Online Business Manager?

You’ve finally decided that you want to work with a virtual business manager, great!

But where exactly can you find one?


Platforms such as Upwork or Fiverr are great online marketplaces to find online business managers and other sorts of virtual workers like a video editor and an E-commerce site operator.

In this platform, the prospects will showcase their qualifications and strengths through a well-written profile. In this way, you can effectively browse and select the candidates you want to potentially hire.

But while communication is directly between you and the freelancers, some of these channels have fees and commissions.

Outsourcing Agencies

If you don’t have the time to go through seekers yourself, you can work with an outsourcing agency.

This one operates via consultation sessions where you talk about what you’re looking for, in terms of skill and credentials. Then after, the agency sorts out the best prospects that match your standards.

By far, this method is the most efficient because these OBMs are high-quality trained, and screened carefully by the agency.

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Business Manager?

OBM pricing varies from one person to the next.

The rates and packages are subjective and are not the same. They’re highly dependent on the level of support you need.

The pricing for this special type of role can be in a fixed project fee, monthly retainer, and hourly rate.


In these competitive times, you need to seize every opportunity to grow your business.

More time means more money. So, don’t let the old and small stuff take you away from fetching that profit.

Expand your customer reach, maximize opportunities, and raise revenue by working with an ONLINE BUSINESS MANAGER today!