Quash Language Barriers with a Multilingual Virtual Assistant

Quash Language Barriers with a Multilingual Virtual Assistant

Today’s global economy urges you to stretch your business beyond borders. However, going international with your market also means running towards difficulties, induced by miscommunication.

When you’re dealing with partners, stakeholders and prospects abroad, it’s easier to get lost in translation. You see, linguistic barriers can negatively interfere with communication which may lead to misunderstandings and worse, failure to close deals.

This is where a multilingual virtual assistant comes in to save the day.

Multilingual virtual assistants assist businesses in going forward, not only handling auxiliary activities but also providing language translation support.

So, if you’re eyeing to expand globally, you can always build stronger relationships and establish loyalty along the way with your target audience, through your multilingual virtual assistant hire.

Let’s go over how language barriers are affecting your company today and why a multilingual virtual assistant is crucial to scaling your business internationally.

Language Barriers on the International Stage

Communication is the key to building relationships and your ticket to success.

That’s to say if you know how to communicate you can always solve any problem.

However, in the world of commercial and professional activities, communication comes into play with language and cultural nuances; all for the detriment of your ventures.

For example, when you’re trying to pitch a business proposal, you might not be able to win approval because your client can’t effectively understand what you’re saying. Or they could be potentially worried about what a collaboration with you might entail.

While some companies avoid it altogether because they don’t want to take the risk of confusion and misunderstanding, rerouting can cause you lucrative partnerships and opportunities.

If you’re wondering how organizations have been dealing with language barriers internationally, Forbes’s recent report will give you a clearer view, suggesting that a multilingual workforce is slowly becoming a necessity when expanding.

Firms that adhere to such a strategy have seen their brand’s reputation improve within specific geographic markets.

So, how to overcome language barriers in international business?

If you can only speak your native language and nothing else, relax, we have the perfect solution for you, hire a multilingual virtual assistant.

Why Is It Important to Hire a Virtual Assistant?

Working with virtual assistants reduces your workload. These offshore workers take over the repetitive tasks that are locking you up in the office.

By nature, virtual assistants are flexible, accessible and highly economical. This means that they’re an easier hire without unbending contracts and round-the-clock service, complete with cost benefits.

Moreover, you can always choose to work with them in whichever way you see fit; full-time, part-time or on a one-time project.

Right now, businesses that use virtual assistant services have increased their productivity to a remarkable 50%.

It made perfect sense, considering technological advancement and the digital marketing boom, that the demand for virtual assistants continues to rise.

What is a Multilingual Virtual Assistant?

A multilingual virtual assistant, just like its close sibling a bilingual virtual assistant, is a contractual worker who offers administrative and technical assistance to an entrepreneur and businesses from a remote location.

What makes multilingual VAs standout is their excellent communication skills, speaking more than just one or two languages.

Basically, the main job of a multilingual virtual assistant is to break the language barriers between businesses and stakeholders, thus, allowing you to communicate with a broader range of audience.

Why Should You Hire a Multilingual Virtual Assistant?

Expanding your business overseas is simply the go-to move nowadays to reach new markets and opportunities.

In this aspect, an MVA is very beneficial.

Here are the five amazing ways a multilingual virtual assistant can be advantageous.

  • Better Relationship

    Did you know that speaking the same language as the person you’re talking to makes you a better listener?

    Truly, because by then, you’d be certain no detail is ever lost in translation.

    Not only that, but it also makes your partners and customers feel more valued. It establishes trust and provides comfort.

    By adding a personal touch through speaking someone’s native language, you’d be right on track in building a strong relationship with everyone you’re working with.

  • Reduced to Zero Overhead Cost

    Listing the expenses that you’d have to forgo when working with a multilingual virtual assistant is enticing enough that you’d overlook the other benefits of working with one.

    MVAs do not need office space or equipment.

    They can work right away, armed with the necessary tools to function such as a laptop and internet connection, and without training. On top of that, you only pay them for the hours they render service.

    From this perspective, it all works to your advantage.

  • Seamless Customer Support

    The main factor of ineffective customer support is not being able to communicate effectively, especially if you’re conversing with non-English speakers.

    But with a multilingual virtual assistant, you can avoid having orders messed up and customer dissatisfaction due to miscommunication.

    Yes, interpreters and translation tools might help in bridging the communication gap but making aware of business offerings to your market, that’s something only a multilingual virtual assistant can offer.

  • Marketing

    If you want to work on your marketing and consequently boost your sales, you can start by establishing good communication.

    Technically, marketing is about communication. Through it, you can easily spread the word about your products and services.

    As such, by speaking the language of your customers, you promote transparency and emotional connection, making them feel understood and their needs considered.

    Furthermore, lead generation works best when you’re using your clients’ native tongue, so there’s that too.

  • Translation Service

    The work and expenses that come with entering a new market are enormous.

    For instance, the translation of your documents, presentations, website and campaigns alone counts for a couple of thousands. Not to mention, the cultural expectations that you’d have to meet for your audience along the way.

    Of course, you can always hire a professional interpreter, but that would require another hefty investment. The best way to go about it is to add a multilingual virtual assistant to your team.

    Depending on their skills, you will not only get accurate translations for your content but also save time and money.

What Is a Bilingual Virtual Assistant? And How Is It Different from a Multilingual Virtual Assistant?

A bilingual virtual assistant is a person who has a mastery of two foreign languages like your bilingual virtual assistant who speaks French and English.

But apart from speaking two languages fluently, they also provide virtual assistant services from marketing and administration to customer service.

So, to speak, a BVA is not different from a multilingual virtual assistant, they’re both handy in communicating with foreign customers, offering translation services and other business-related tasks.

The only difference is that an MVA speaks more languages than the former.

Go Global with Your Ventures with a Multilingual Virtual Assistant!

“Communication—the human connection—is the key to personal and career success.

We can all leave it to Paul Meyer to speak the truth—communication is not only deemed necessary in business but in all walks of life. Thus, we do not want language barriers forming a wall that inhibits us from catering opportunities and building relationships.

A multilingual virtual assistant can be your shot at conquering far beyond your usual business district. They’re proven to be an asset in not just translating words, but in marketing, customer service and administration as well.

So, keep it straight to the point, without stumbling and draw out your best strategy yet in this digital age with a multilingual virtual assistant.