Top 10 Most Successful Businesses to Start from Home

Want to start a home business? These top 10 most successful businesses to start from home are super easy and quick. Begin your dream venture today!

Thinking of home-based business ideas? Well, you’re in the right place, because we’re counting down the top 10 most successful businesses to start from your dining table, couch or backyard.

No, you don’t need to break your piggy bank or borrow an influx of money. These business ideas are home business opportunities that are quite simple to start and don’t require much investment; even an inexperienced fellow with fifty bucks in their pocket can do it.

The only question is, which one should you consider? In this article, we’re diving into the most profitable online businesses that work perfectly in sync with your budget, interest and skillset.

You ready to be a boss?

The State of Home-Based Businesses

Looking at the current trends right now, we have seen an amazing surge in home-based businesses and remote work. For good reason, home businesses have lower business entry, less hassle and more productive work since technology continues to persist and commute time is eradicated.

Consumers are shifting. They’re no longer sifting through yellow pages to find what they’re looking for. Their busy lives turned their purchasing habits to lean more on speedy and convenient service, buying online and making mail orders rather than driving to a teeming shopping center.

How Do You Start a Business from Home?

Starting high-profit margin businesses from home is not as anxiety-inducing as you think it is. You can kickstart your online business in a series of easy steps.

  • Initiate your profit-making plan by choosing the service or product you want to sell or that suits your interest.
  • Determine your target market and know who is willing to pay for the product or service you want to sell.
  • Identify the pain points of your target audience and how your product or service is addressing the problem.
  • Know your competitors and what makes you stand out from them.
  • Determine your payment method.
  • Test your business concept.
  • Promote your business by creating a marketing strategy.

Top 10 Most Successful Businesses to Start from Home

There are several ways to start your home business. Yet, we found the most successful businesses in the world online that might perhaps inspire your entrepreneurial life.

  • Teach Online Classes

    Do you have an in-demand skill or knowledge that you can share with people in the internet? Whatever that is, marketing, language, sewing or even DIY stuff—the courses that you can teach online are endless.

    Though you don’t need raving credentials if you’re selling online classes, you should at least be an expert in that field with years of experience.

    There are several ways to market your classes. You can join teaching online marketplaces such as Tutor Me or VIP Kid to help you get more traction. Or you can invest with a promise of greater revenue and hire a virtual assistant to create a website for your courses.

  • Staffing Agency

    You must understand that recruiting is very time-consuming and pricey. That’s why many companies are more than willing to pay recruiters to manage their staffing needs.

    While a recruiting agency is traditionally a street-side venture, it has now become fully remote that you can start from your bedroom. To succeed in this business, you need more time on your hands and profound knowledge of the world of recruiting.

    Therefore, we suggest focusing on the bigger issues in your business and letting a virtual assistant support your daily admin tasks like running email campaigns and answering phone calls.

  • Sell Hand-Crafted Products

    Perhaps you have the knack for creating homemade things like killer table condiments. This is great news because that could be your business idea from home. Many entrepreneurs start their entrepreneurial lives with their hobbies; you can follow in their footsteps too.

    There will be costs, though, as you’re making a product. Your investment will vary depending on what you’re selling and the inventory you want to maintain.

    To gain momentum, you can sign up on popular platforms for selling home-based goods and connect with online shoppers around the world. Or, you can leverage a website to promote your products. If you don’t have the skills to do it, outsource a skilled and cost-effective VA web developer.

  • Establish a Dropshipping Store

    Do you love running an online shop but don’t know what to sell? Maybe you can consider a dropshipping business from the comforts of your home instead. It’s a completely low-cost startup where buying inventory is not needed.

    Dropshipping is an e-commerce model where you don’t need to buy and store the goods you’re selling. Products come from the wholesale distributor, who will package and ship the products upon sale. Mainly, your job is to be a service representative and a marketer.

    Amazing, right?

    On a side note, to streamline the processes of your Shopify store and increase your productivity level, you can hire a Shopify VA.

  • Service-Based Business

    The demand for digital services is out there, counting by the trillions in market size. From content writers to corporate meeting planners, the need for virtual talent is growing rampant.

    In case you want to know what other service-based businesses you can start, here’s a list of home business ideas with the best income potential.

    • Web Designer
    • Dating Coach
    • Housekeeping
    • Web Developer
    • Translator
    • Bookkeeper
    • Life Coach
    • Maintenance Service
  • Buy in Bulk and Sell Online

    Yes, you can buy wholesale and sell those products online, individually. You know how it goes: when you purchase goods in bulk, you get a discount per unit compared to buying them piece by piece. Thus, by selling them individually online, you can make a profit by increasing the prices.

    Just bear in mind that when buying wholesale, you need a space to store that inventory and the money to make your first sizeable purchase. And oh, don’t forget to do a market analysis to ensure you have buyers for what you’re selling.

  • Sell a Digital Product

    Let’s say you don’t like talking to people and teaching online courses. You can still make do with your skills by packaging your knowledge into a digital product.

    There are fantastic digital goods that you can choose from, such as eBooks, online courses, digital art, photography, software, videos and animations.

    The best part of selling digital output? It’s less hassle because you don’t need to manage inventory, source products and ship them.

    If you’re also not up to promoting your goods, that’s no problem; you can work with a video marketing virtual assistant (for a cheap price) to advertise your product that doesn’t cost anything to reproduce.

  • Kickstart a Subscription Business

    If you want to sell a bundle of products instead of one to a certain consumer, then maybe you can delve into the subscription business.

    It’s a growing industry with billions of dollars in its market, with foods, groceries and drinks accounting for 40% of the industry. That said, you might want to consider choosing those subscription niches.

    Depending on the subscription business you want to run, you may need to keep an inventory, so make sure you have a storage place to prepare your products for shipment.

  • Real Estate Business

    Real estate is one of the most profitable industries for home-based businesses; talk about real estate rentals and property watch, which accumulate almost 13% of the average net margins.

    This is a big break for people who are well-informed in the arts of managing and investing in real estate properties. They can offer unique insights into real estate for clients.

    P.S. While this type of business can start from your home, you might still have to do property runs occasionally. With this, it pays to have virtual assistant support who can look after your daily admin work while you go out and check the properties.

  • Print-on-Demand Business

    Don’t know what a print-on-demand business is? Well, it’s basically about apparel, accessories and homewares.

    Say, you have a flare for creating catchy designs but don’t want to make the products yourself, this can be your successful business. There’s no pressure to carry inventory because the goods are printed only when they’re purchased.

    It’s made to order, saving you hassle and time.

The Bottom Line

When deciding the most profitable business jaunt to pursue, look into your skills and interests, first.

Many of the top 10 most successful businesses to start from home don’t really need special training or a degree. Just focus on what you enjoy doing and make a profit out of it.

Also, never work harder but smarter, reap the benefits of delegation and work with a virtual assistant — they are only a click away!