Work with an Event Planning Remote Administrative Assistant

Work with an Event Planning Remote Administrative Assistant

Even the event planning industry did not escape the sneak attack of the global pandemic. With tight health restrictions, the event planning industry faced a not-so-temporary sentencing that read, “social distancing.”

Nevertheless, after “physical distancing” was abolished, the event planning market is back in the game, kicking and rejuvenated.

Does that get you excited about doing business in the event planning industry?

Whether you’re planning to start a business or are already in it, it will contribute tons to your business growth to hire an event planning remote administrative assistant.

Wait, can administrative assistants work remotely? What does a remote admin assistant do?

Yes, and a remote admin staff can do a lot of things.

Event planning is one of the hardest jobs in the world—enough to make you go crazy. From beginning to end, the event planning stages will take your breath away. And it will have the same effect on your clients as well, once you’ve made their fantasy event a reality.

The Booming Event Planning Industry

According to Allied Market Research, the event planning industry is estimated to reach towering heights of about $1.15529 billion by 2028, woah. This is apparent in the two main branches of event management namely; corporate events such as product launches or PR activities and private events like weddings and birthday parties.

What is an Event Planning Remote Administrative Assistant?

A remote event planning assistant is an independent worker who offers services from anywhere else in the world. From performing general admin tasks to more complex technical activities, an event planning admin VA gets the job done with the help of collaboration tools and the right data.

Basically, when event planners work with a virtual assistant, they can accomplish tasks efficiently and attract more clients.

What Does a Planning Administrative Assistant Do?

Planning events is not for the faint-hearted. It’s tough, like super stressful, especially when you do everything by yourself.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Instead, choose to work with an event planning remote administrative assistant, aka your human stress ball.

What does an administrative assistant do in events? We made a long list of tasks that you can outsource to an event planning remote administrative virtual assistant

  • Manage the Budget

    Having a budget can help achieve your financial goals. In the world of event planning, this means keeping your expenses in check.

    Regardless of what event you’re planning, excellent budgeting is pivotal to the success of an event. Something that an event planning remote administrative assistant can assist you with.

    VAs can create the budget, research vendors for smart deals and keep a watchful eye on spending.

  • Develop a Concept for Your Event

    An event concept defines your goals and success. It also makes the event more memorable for your audience.

    An event planning virtual assistant is trained in the arts of planning events, including design and concept development. These remote workers hail from different places, which means they can bring new creative ideas that could add the wow factor.

  • Send Invitations

    Sending out invitations may be the easiest part of event planning. Still, it needs attention, along with a list of to-dos that will keep you on a desk for hours. From creating the guest lists and designing the invitation to crafting the perfect message, the process is pretty crucial.

    Hire a virtual assistant, and you will get rid of all of that and worry about pressing matters instead.

  • Prepare the Catering Service

    What sort of food should you serve at an event? Depends really on what theme you’re going for and what the guests would like to have.

    Don’t feel the pressure; join hands with a virtual assistant for event planning and you’ve got your catering plans ready to go. VAs will do the research, coordinating, tasting and even making sure dietary restrictions are taken into consideration.

    By the end of the party, the only complaint your attendees will have is how stuffed they are; their dress show is ruined.

  • Coordinate with Vendors

    Event planners have excellent coordination skills, allowing them to keep things together toward a common goal. A quality shared by a virtual assistant who can take care of everything from photographers, caterers, florists and sideshows.

    Like master negotiators, VAs can coordinate with vendors to properly negotiate the prices and proposals and communicate with them when necessary. In short, they can tie everything in a perfectly polished bow before the big day.

  • Manage Attendees

    As D-day gets closer, you’ll start hearing from your guests. This can get tricky when keeping track of who’s coming or not. But you’re in luck because an event-planning remote administrative assistant will be happy to take charge.

    Your dependable VA will make a thorough list of attendees, be open to answering questions and offer whatever help you need concerning your guests.

  • Book Flights and Accommodations

    Some events involve flying across the country, and in that aspect, a virtual assistant can help out with travel planning. They can research flights and accommodations that don’t go beyond the budget.

    And whenever there are cancellations and delays, they will keep you informed and come up with a backup plan through their network of connections. They will ensure that you get to your social gathering safely and without a hair out of place.

  • Do the Marketing and Promotion

    Traditional advertising or digital promotion; doesn’t matter because a virtual assistant is great at both. They don’t just design catchy flyers but also create and post engaging ads on social media.

    Once the curtains close, VAs help out in after-party activities too like thanking attendees for coming to the event, collecting feedback and making a report of a successful party which you can use for improvements and future references.

  • Handle the Event Logistics

    It’s hard to keep track of every movement on the day of the big event when there are so many things to do—too many that you’re in endanger of forgetting some of them.

    For the seamless execution of your event, hire a virtual assistant. Keep your mind at ease and socialize without always looking over your shoulder waiting for the bomb to drop.

Benefits of an Event Planning Remote Administrative Assistant

Not only are virtual assistants capable of getting into the tiniest detail of your event planning, but they’ll also make sure your guests will have the best time.

But other than the services they offer, VAs have gigantic benefits too, such as…

  • Keep things organized

    Whatever you’re thinking that needs to be done for your event, a good virtual assistant has already made a master list ready to cross out.

    This sense of organization will keep things smooth for your event and leave attendees impressed.

  • Save resources

    Working with a professional means the event will likely go without a hitch—fewer mistakes equal no wasted resources. Also, it translates to getting the best deals on everything.

    And since your VA does all the little but time-consuming stuff, you won't have to exhaust your resources like your employees.

  • Save time

    As a business owner, your most precious resource is your time. Thus, if you want to save it for more important matters, you can add a virtual assistant to your team.

    Rather than doing all the stages of planning an event from talking to caterers to contacting the guests for confirmation, you can hand it over to someone else. This will give you more time to actually run your business and grow it.

  • Enjoy the event without worry

    Wouldn’t it be nice to just enjoy the event and have some peace of mind?

    When you’re leaving the work to a virtual assistant, you can relax and unwind with everyone, instead of going back and forth in constant worry.

Where to Find an Event Planning Remote Administrative Assistant

Don’t get us wrong, there are many ways to hire a virtual assistant for event planning. You can use freelance marketplaces or a virtual assistant agency, such as VAV Remote.

While marketplaces such as Upwork give you the freedom to hire your VA, it requires you to do the legwork which will eat your time. And when you’re ready to hire your virtual assistant, they might not accept your proposal because they got a better offer elsewhere.

At VAV Remote, we do things differently. There’s a sense of consistency and reliability. You get to call the shots while we work to find you the perfect match.

Smart event planners understand that having the right virtual assistant ensures a seamless and cost-effective operation.

So, for a busy entrepreneur like yourself, you need ease and pragmatism, and you will get both with a virtual assistant from a recruitment agency.