Facts About a Billing and Collections Virtual Assistant

Facts About a Billing and Collections Virtual Assistant

Ever heard of the saying that delegating is a remedy for disorder?

If you have… And if you are in a place where the bills keep toppling over and payment delays are becoming unmanageable, it’s high time to hire a Billing and Collections Virtual Assistant.

Now, you might think that billing and debt recovery is a task that you can take over. Seriously, how hard could it be?

The thing is though, money collection is very important to your business, as its survival depends on it. Thus, finding the fastest way to collect past-due invoices is one thing to prioritize. This is where you can use a virtual assistant.

This outsourced worker can help you navigate the time-consuming tasks of your debt collection management.

Let’s talk all things Billing and Collections Virtual Assistant, shall we? And why you should buy into this modern business operation approach.

What is a Billing and Collections Virtual Assistant?

As the job title implies, a Billing and Collections Virtual Assistant is a remote worker who is primarily responsible for all tasks related to payment/debt collection.

Some day-to-day activities of this virtual professional include the following:

  • Writing Invoices
  • Monitoring Payment Statuses
  • Sending Payment Reminders
  • Creating a Customer Database
  • Organizing Supplier Invoices
  • Reporting of Accounting Records
  • Tracking Payments
  • Receiving and Processing Customer Billing-Related Complaints

Beyond this list of daily chores, a Billing and Collections Virtual Assistant may also initiate legal proceedings in case of client non-solvency issues. They could also carry out debt recovery actions to safeguard the best interest of the company.

What Qualities and Skills Are Expected?

It goes without saying that if you want to fill in the role of a billing and collection assistant, then you must have a knack for numbers.

Despite the fact that this role doesn’t exactly step further than credit management, still, a VA should be knowledgeable in the many digital accounting tools and all the standard protocols that relate to them.

Speaking of financial management, the ability to integrate patience with deep analytical understanding should come as second nature for a Billing and Collection Virtual Assistant as well.

And since we’re in the time and age where digitalization of customer relations is possible, a billing assistant should also be well-informed in customer obligations management and risk management, aligned with the standard and general business management skills expected to that of an accounting professional.

Though it is easy for anyone to get confused with numbers, not for a collection management VA. Consistency and attention to detail are required for this job. You could also throw in the following soft skills that are crucial in maintaining a smooth and stable quality of work.

  • Good Communication Skills
  • Well-Organized
  • Ability to Multitask
  • Strong Work Ethic
  • Team Player
  • Trustworthy
  • Adaptable
  • Proactive
  • Has a Passion for Problem-Solving
  • Flexibility

What Are the Tasks of a Billing and Collections Virtual Assistant?

The role of a Billing and Collection Virtual Assistant is not the most restful job out there. You see, this position works on two fronts: the back-end operation and also, in contact with clients.

Yes, on one hand, they deal with accounting software and database management. Their internal line of work commonly involves the following tasks.

  • Creating a Database of Clients, Suppliers, and Partners Based on Your Transactions.
  • Generating Billing Documents for Your Clients.
  • Organizing Invoices from Your Suppliers.
  • Ensuring Timely Payments to Suppliers.
  • Verifying That Clients Have Met the Set Deadlines.
  • Assisting the Accountant with Billing Tasks

Conversely, the specialized assistant in billing and collection also handles activities that concern the clients. Some of these tasks include:

  • Billing and Digitalizing Customer Relations.
  • Sending Payment Reminders for Outstanding Payments.
  • Renegotiating Deadlines with Suppliers or Creditors.
  • Transmitting Reports on Payment Status for Issued Invoices.
  • Reporting on Current or Upcoming Payments.

Why Entrepreneurs are Working with a Billing and Collections VA?

If you’ve tried working with a virtual assistant, you probably know most of the amazing benefits already. Still, there’s no harm in refreshing your memory and proving a point once more about why VAs are must-hire workers in this modern business era.

  • Time-saving

    You could always argue, but TIME is definitely your greatest business resource.

    With virtual assistants at the helm of your accounts and debt management, you can save time.

    How so?

    VAs are experienced at their job, so it would take them less time to accomplish a task that will take you hours to complete. They can take care of your most consuming task for you, so you can be free to focus on high-value projects.

  • Financial Savings by Leveraging Flexibility

    A Billing and Collections VA works depending on your demands. Therefore, an entrepreneur only pays for the actual work done.

    And since this is remote work, for a simple task like issuing invoices, you get to pay less by outsourcing from countries with low cost of living.

    With no contracts, you’re also not mandated to pay for compensation benefits like paid leaves or health insurance. There are no extra splurges as well on equipment or rent.

    This profound flexibility allows you to save up to 70% of human resource-related expenses.

  • Understand Your Financial Situation

    A trained and experienced Billing and Collections Virtual Assistant can offer advice in the matters of organizing your finances if you ask for it. This is really helpful when making decisions on financial management, in less time.

    If you lack financial fundamentals, you can count on your VA for some guidance, because you know all too well, that a misstep in money management could easily topple a company.

  • Organized Financial Records

    By now, you already understand that the key to a successful business is organization.

    A billing and collection assistant will not only track payments or make follow-ups, but they will also create databases filled with organized invoices and billing documents, for clients, partners and suppliers.

    The less organized you are, the more time you waste searching for things. A collection of this information helps businesses keep track of the company’s money efficiently.

Virtual Assistant Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What Are 4 Examples of Virtual Assistants?

    Nowadays, virtual assistants are widespread in almost all industries, thanks to their ability to handle a variety of tasks in less time.

    Some in-demand VA roles in the marketplace include:

  • Can a Virtual Assistant Do Data Entry?


    A Data Entry Virtual Assistant is efficient in managing your data and storing it safely online. They will transform data into electronic documents and incorporate tools/ software to store error-free information and have them readily accessible to you.

  • What Are Virtual Assistant Data Entry Responsibilities?

    Depending on what the client needs, a virtual assistant for data entry can handle a variety of tasks including:

    • Entering Data
    • Formatting Information
    • Transcribing Audio
    • Managing Database
    • Converting Audio/Images
    • Creating Reports
  • Where To Find the Best Billing and Collections Virtual Assistant?

    At VAV, you can find a proficient virtual assistant in billing and debt collection to assist you in organizing invoices and payments.

    The recruitment process is simple and streamlined, reducing the waiting time and giving weight to your requirements to find that perfect fit. Based on your needs, the most qualified global talents will be carefully selected to best meet your expectations.

Key Takeaway!

When you’re running a company, you need that extra support. Getting a Billing and Collections VA will help you excel in your business without wasting resources.

Able to juggle multiple tasks with less time, your virtual assistant can create, verify, monitor, update, collect and report valuable financial data.

Financial work is a necessary headache that needs your full attention. With a Billing and Collections Virtual Assistant hire, you will have someone who can manage your bills and debt collection and get it right.

This is the perfect time to hire yours, so what are you waiting for?