Outbound Calling Magic! Virtual Assistant Making Outbound Calls

Leave a strong lasting impression and further your business outreach using a virtual assistant making outbound calls. Remote workers are the future of calling!

Okay, we may be sprinting toward the future, where almost every action is a tap away. Many people are still rolling with phone calls—especially in business when you’re trying to get the masses acquainted with a new offering. Marketing persuasion remains solid through outbound calls, even though they’re unsolicited and divisive.

From the get-go, these calls can help you build a good rapport with leads and, without a doubt, a worthwhile customer outreach strategy. However, sometimes a simple phone call is not enough to engage a prospect and secure a sale.

Outsourcing a virtual assistant making outbound calls can be your scalable, cost-effective solution. A deskbound, no more, remote professional who’s going to make your phone calls to prospects count.

What are Outbound Calls and Why is it Essential for Your Business?

Outbound calls are the calls initiated by you and your business firm. These calls, which are made to prospective clients, serve many essential functions for the company, including the following:


Telemarketing does work. In fact, it works better than ever at creating customer interest in your products and generating quality leads.

Lead Generation

An outbound call is a classic strategy for getting more leads. You get to directly interact with your target prospects and then raise their interest through nurturing in a more personal way.


Through surveys, you gain a deep understanding of the needs of your customers. You can use the data gathered to spot strengths and weaknesses that will help you come up with an exceptional action plan for product development.

Product Launch

For your product to gain popularity, you have to introduce it to your target audience, a process that requires a lot of resources such as time, money and effort. However, you can make this task a little less challenging by having someone make those professional product launch phone calls.

All these functions can be handled by a seasoned virtual assistant who will be there when the opportunity knocks, making tailored outbound calls and maximizing results.

Do Virtual Assistants Make Phone Calls?

Yes, they do.

We know that it’s quite tempting to automate your phone calls with all the chatbots out there, dazzling with their budget-friendly and “easier-way-to-do-it” banners waving at you. You know better than to take these claims at face value.

What about emotional intelligence or personalized experiences? We don’t see any of that on the list. A virtual assistant making outbound calls cares more about your customer and business than these note-perfect but unfeeling bots.

VAs understand your brand, commitments and prospects—things that matter when you’re making outbound calls. After all, interaction is not merely a transfer of information but a human connection.

So, if you’re sold on that kind of service and tired of phoning around with no success, delegate to a VA!

Below are virtual assistant services for your business needs, on the line:

  • Respond to customer questions.
  • Collect survey responses.
  • Find quotes and compare.
  • Schedule meetings
  • Make follow-ups
  • Nurture leads
  • Market research
  • Provide information to business partners and customers.

A virtual assistant takes all of these off your plate and then offers consistency to your business. Besides that, they can also spot opportunities and glitches, which is a valuable skill to have to help you organize resources better and prevent potential disasters.

Any business can benefit from this, especially in today's digital age where communication can be done in various ways—from social media to emails. Your remote professional will be all over your communication channels, making connections that you’d otherwise miss with your packed schedule.

Your VA for cold-calling can harness your outbound calling superpower while working from across the world. With their active listening, attention to detail, patience, and positive attitude, you get to close deals while leaving a lasting impression on all your purchasing folks.

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Let’s Make Sense! Virtual Assistant Making Outbound Calls

In business, your team is expected to make an average of 36 calls per day. However, if you want something to aim for, you can shoot for 60 calls per working day.

That’s about connecting with at least 15 people and expecting two or three meetings from those clients. It’s hours upon hours of outbound calling and marketing where you could use some virtual assistant help.

Let’s make sense of why you should bring in a virtual assistant for outbound calling.

Increase Customer Engagement

A virtual assistant plays an important role in enhancing customer engagement. They can add a personal touch to a timely interaction, helping you establish a good rapport earlier on.

With a VA’s friendly and professional ways of addressing questions and concerns, they can build trust and loyalty, resulting in repeat business. Your assistant will take the time to get to know your clients and learn what sort of response is required to meet their expectations.

This is the type of engagement that offers an unparalleled customer experience that is great for your brand.

Penny-Wise Scaling

When your business grows, your communication needs grow alongside it. A virtual assistant making outbound calls provides a scalable, cost-effective solution that can easily accommodate your escalating business needs.

Whether you’re scaling up, down or just steady, VAs are very adaptable to your call volume demands without making you pay for overhead costs associated with bringing in a new hire.

Data-Driven Insights

Not just good at calling, a virtual assistant making outbound calls can spot and track trends and gather reviews from customers while on the phone, offering data-driven insights. Through this approach, you can make better business decisions concerning offerings and how to better approach customers. It’s a crucial resource for business development.

So, How Does a Virtual Assistant Make Outbound Calls for You?

You always have the freedom to choose the tasks you would like your virtual assistants to do. But with that liberty comes the responsibility to oversee and manage their work. That extends to having the flexibility to call the shots on how you would like your VAs to perform outbound calling during their working hours.

Setting Your Virtual Assistant Making Outbound Calls

Here are some important tips on how to set up your virtual assistant for success; feel free to tweak or change some of these steps as you prefer.

  • Leverage Software Tools

    Yes, virtual assistants are skilled and knowledgeable, but you can’t expect them to know right away how to use the tools you’ve signed up for.

    Learn the system first and teach them how to gauge the system; they’ll be happy to learn from you.

    If you don’t have the time, you can always ask your virtual assistant to invest some of their working hours learning the system. Just be patient, because it can take some time.

  • Guide Your Virtual Assistant

    This is a continuation of the first step. Once you’ve mastered the system, guide your virtual assistant throughout the learning process.

    Conduct test calls to make sure everything is working perfectly fine and as expected. Check for the quality of the call and the overall experience.

  • Create a Process

    Everyone has their own way of doing things; the same is true with outbound calling. Some entrepreneurs are more concerned about sales, while others are focused on reaching out to promising leads. Either way, you need to create and document your outbound calling process.

    Spend time shortlisting steps you would like your cold-calling virtual assistant to follow while making outbound calls.


There you have it! Outsourcing a virtual assistant for outbound calling is such an attractive solution for companies, especially small businesses, to meet call volume needs while freeing up precious resources.

If you want to make the most of your calls, VAs come in handy. They’re experienced and experts in the field, rest assured, you’re getting quality results that are going to be great for your brand image.

More than that, these remote professionals are perfect buffers that allow you to plan for the long term despite being pulled in ten different directions. You won’t be compromising customer service or experience while doing it.

So, why are you still holding back? Connect with us, and we’ll help you speed up your business growth by putting an end to your phone call nightmares.

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