Cold Calling Virtual Assistant for Sales Success

Are you looking for an efficient way to achieve sales success? A cold-calling virtual assistant can be your ultimate sales outreach strategy.

Cold calling is perhaps one of the toughest jobs in the world, if not the worst. For an agent to reach a single lead, they have to make 8 cold call attempts, a task that is often met with an icy reception and social anxiety.

This isn’t surprising at all. It comes with the territory of non-stop spam mail in a busy inbox and exclusive deals over the phone at 7 in the morning. What is surprising, though, is that cold calling is even more effective now than ever before.

The cold-calling success rate is 4.8% on average, which is still very effective as an outbound lead-generation sales strategy—it works!

Thus, to supercharge your cold-calling efforts, you need the solid skill of a cold-calling virtual assistant, a remote professional who has emerged to be an asset in today’s dynamic business environment. They are ready to propel your sales numbers to new heights.

What’s Cold Calling?

Cold calling is an outbound sales tactic to reach out to potential clients and entice them to buy your products or services, even though they haven’t heard of your brand or company before.

Despite the name, cold calling is not limited to phone calls. It includes various communication channels, like social media and email. While these methods are faster, they’re easy to ignore and thereby, not deemed very effective.

The thing that makes telemarketing click is being able to determine good call prospects and knowing how to appropriately contact them.

Lots of customers dislike getting unexpected calls from strangers; even so, cold calling remains a powerful tool to improve sales performance.

However, it’s not something that business owners, such as yourself, should do on your own. It’s a job that is very time-consuming—time that you should use to craft high-level business tactics. This is why you need a cold-calling virtual assistant.

What Is Cold Calling Virtual Assistant?

A cold-calling virtual assistant is a remote professional who specializes in making outbound calls and manages your company’s cold sales calls on your behalf.

Unlike the traditional salesperson, a VA for cold calling doesn’t depend on prearranged business contacts. They instead gather leads using a manifold of techniques from different sources to identify and interact with prospects more effectively. These remote assistants can increase the number of cold calls and conversion rates each day.

How Can a Cold Calling Virtual Assistant Help

As skilled as they are, a cold-calling VA can handle different aspects of your cold-calling efforts.

Below are some of the important tasks that your virtual assistant can do for your business.

  • Perform Sales Outreach

    The core function of a cold calling VA is to actively reach out to people or businesses who have shown an interest in a product with the hope of making new business with them.

    Your virtual assistant will create an effective cold call script that underscores the value of your offering. This way, you’ll get more leads and reach your sales goal.

  • Spot, Qualify Leads and Gather Information

    To save you from fruitless calls that yield zero conversions, your cold-calling VA will make a list of the best people to contact and engage with.

    Not just that, they will also determine the pain points that can be addressed by your product or service to your contacts. In this way, each cold call is more tailored.

    In other words, your skilled VA will build a robust pipeline of “warm prospects” who have shown great interest in your offering.

  • Create Cold Call Scripts

    Being unprepared is the worst thing that you can possibly do when cold calling. When you’re not ready to make that call, you’re most likely to veer off course. To stay on course and not miss any product highlights, you need a solid script from a cold-calling virtual assistant.

    Your VA can ensure you’re not burning any bridges. They will say what needs to be said, warranting that every cold call counts. They will even gather feedback and learn from each call to make your future calls more effective.

  • Improve Calling Technique

    Cold calling needs to be more personal and not too stiff and repetitive, like a machine. It has to be constantly flexible to be engaging.

    Your virtual assistant can make this happen by coming up with excellent cold-calling tips that fit well with your business. They’ll review all the calls you’ve made so far and implement new practices to always remain on point with the customers.

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Is it Costly to Hire a Cold Calling Virtual Assistant?

Bringing in a virtual assistant for cold calling is without a doubt the most cost-effective solution to enhance your lead generation efforts. Yes, you don’t have to break the bank to boost your sales outreach.

Contrary to what you may have initially thought, hiring a VA is not as expensive as working with an on-site full-time worker. Their rates may vary, but they actually make great financial sense.

  • Flexibility

    When you’re asking a cold-calling VA for support, you have the advantage of hiring them based on your current needs. Whether it’s for a long-term collaboration or a one-time project, you have the freedom to precisely hire them for the duration you need.

  • Scalability

    It’s easier to scale with a cold-calling virtual assistant than with an in-house staff. Whenever your business needs to scale up during peak seasons, you can hire multiple virtual assistants on a whim. This way, you remain responsive to meeting the market demands during high or low-volume periods.

  • Savings

    By outsourcing, you’re basically eliminating associated expenses for hiring and training a new employee. You don’t have to worry about rent, utilities and office equipment. You only have to pay for the productive hours they worked.

What Skills to Look for in Your Virtual Assistant Cold Calling?

It’s not enough to hire a cold-calling virtual assistant, you need to find the one, and we mean “the one,” who possesses the following skillset for your cold-calling case:

  • Excellent Communication Skills

    When you are reaching out to people from nowhere, it’s not enough to just be an “okay” communicator. You need a cold-calling VA who can express themselves clearly and is sensitive to conversational cues. From the moment they pick up the phone, potential prospects need to be engaged.

  • Quick-Thinking

    Cold calling is a live conversation with the potential risk of an annoyed person from the other line taking out their bad day on your VA. Therefore, your virtual assistant should have the ability to think quickly on their feet and have the right answers ready to handle any type of situation.

  • Persistence

    Cold calling is social anxiety-inducing. We mean, it’s one of the most stressful jobs. You might get hung up on or hear some nasty frustrations from a hellish day. So, to be successful at this job, you need to look for a cold-calling VA who is tenacious and unrelenting to rejections.

  • Can Stay Calm

    There’s a lot of pressure on a cold-calling agent to stay calm and collected when subjected to prospect grilling. No matter what, your next virtual assistant must be clear-headed when dealing with your consumer line. With a calm mind, they can decide what matters in the situation and capitalize on it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can Someone Sue You for Cold Calling?

As long as your company follows and complies with the important rules of cold calling—whom to call, how to sell, when to call—you’ll stay safe and thrive on the sunny side of the cold calling law.

Cold calling is legal, and when done right, it can be a very effective sales tool.

Can AI Make Cold Calls?

Yes! AI cold calling is a thing for businesses nowadays. AI technology helps with streamlining your cold-calling processes, such as pulling information and qualifying leads.

But while AI can surely improve your cold-calling efficiency, it cannot replace the human touch that human virtual assistants can provide.

Is Cold Calling Illegal?

No, cold calling is definitely legal. However, certain regulations govern how you do your cold-calling activities. These laws protect customers from unsolicited communications.


Cold calling is not dead yet; it remains vital to a company’s sales outreach and success. In today’s dynamic business era, a virtual assistant has emerged as the go-to person for the job—flexible, scalable and economical.

Armed with these cold-calling experts, you can tackle your cold-calling activities with efficiency without breaking the bank.

Don’t miss the opportunity to achieve your cold-calling bottom lines while still enjoying financial efficiency. Tap into a virtual assistant!