No More Last-Minute Panic! Virtual Assistant to Manage Calendar

Managing your calendar is a full-time job. No More! With a virtual assistant to manage calendar, you can keep up with the demands of your everyday work.

Time is your most valuable commodity; even the most successful people in the world of business understand this. How you spend your time determines the success of your business and even your relationships. That being said, you must manage it effectively.

As a business owner, polishing your calendar for the day is a full-time job in and of itself. It’s hard to keep up with the demands of family, work, friends and other hobbies of yours and make sure they don’t go belly up.

Here is where a virtual assistant to manage calendar comes in to ensure your schedule runs like a well-oiled machine and thereby ease the burden on you and your business.

Let’s explore below how a VA can significantly impact your company’s efficiency through effective calendar management.

What is Calendar Management and Why is it Important?

Calendar management is strategically organizing your time and maintaining a schedule of events within a certain period.

A well-organized calendar helps you remember important tasks and deadlines. It optimizes your time and also helps others plan around you, avoiding conflicting schedules and mental clutter.

Overall, the main purpose of calendar management is to avoid overloading yourself with too much work and maximize efficiency.

Do You Need a Virtual Assistant to Manage a Calendar?

In theory, calendar management seems like a task that can be accomplished with a few clicks, which is why many entrepreneurs don’t see the need to hire a VA. Why waste money?

But truth be told, you certainly need a virtual assistant to manager calendar. Through their excellent capabilities, they can make calendar management a much easier process for you.

Since you have so much to do and you only have a 24-hour stretch in a day, solid time management has become pretty crucial.

So, if you wish to make the most of your time, you need to have your calendar management streamlined by a skilled virtual assistant.

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In Action: A Virtual Assistant to Manage Calendar

So, how can a virtual assistant make your schedule run like clockwork and thereby save you tons of tons of time and energy?

  • Set Appointments

    This is perhaps the most basic assignment of your virtual assistant: checking your availability and setting up appointments while making sure you have enough time between meetings to recharge and refocus.

  • Manage Email Communications

    Despite the rise of many modern scheduling and communication tools, most people still prefer the old ways and communicate via email. Don’t get us wrong, email still remains very effective, but doing so with multiple people can be really time-consuming.

    Let a virtual assistant handle these communication platforms and just show up for meetings and impress.

  • General Follow-Up

    After an appointment has been scheduled, a virtual assistant can set up a reminder so you’re always on track. They can also help you prepare for the meeting and make sure you have everything you need to ensure the event is a success.

    There are even bigger tasks a VA can do to add more value to your business, like sending thank-you gifts, taking notes during meetings and forwarding them to all attendees. Perhaps the only thing these professionals can’t do is attend the meeting on your behalf.

  • Plan and Coordinate Events

    Meetings aren’t the only things that will occupy your virtual assistant’s time, they will also handle larger events on your calendar, like planning conferences or business dinners.

    Once they get familiar with your likes and needs and have proper instructions, these remote workers can help plan and coordinate events, whatever they are, and make them go according to plan.

  • Manage Your To-Do List

    Managing your calendar is not just limited to all those things we just mentioned; your virtual assistant can plan out your entire day and ponder where to spend your time best to enhance productivity.

    With your guidance, of course, your VA can create a to-do list with every detail, such as deadlines and priority tasks, taken into consideration.

What are the Advantages of a Virtual Assistant to Manage Calendar?

If you are still on the fence about bringing in a virtual assistant to manage calendar, here are some perky perks that you can take advantage of.

Save Time!

Do you know that, on average, business leaders spend 72% of their work time in meetings? That’s about 37 meetings in a given week. Imagine all the work that goes into all of that. It’s no wonder many executives are completely overwhelmed.

Planning and arranging meetings can be done by a virtual assistant. They are equipped to handle these particular tasks, so you can finally reclaim all those lost hours organizing them.

Save Money!

Time is money; we all know that. Working with a virtual assistant to manage calendar saves you about 6 hours in a given week—time that you could use on profit-making activities.

Remember, inefficiency is costly. When you’re wasting time, you’re basically throwing opportunities away.

Less Stress

Stress is something that we all experience at some point. Oftentimes, it works hand-in-hand with running a business, especially when there are expectations and high demands that constantly pressure us.

Speaking of, one main reason why you’re stressed right now is because you have all these dates on your calendar. You’re going through a plethora of meetings while making sure you also get to your other priorities.

With a virtual assistant, you can find balance and take back control over your schedule, and be more productive.

Stay Organized

You’re going to have a hard time staying on top of things without an organized calendar. However, keeping one is easier said than done when you’re getting pulled in 10 different directions.

Getting a virtual assistant on board can be a perfect solution to stay directed despite the constant shuffle. And this kind of support isn’t just limited to the office; it’s also a game-changer for your personal calendar and organization.

VAs are a great support to make sure nothing creeps up on you when you least expect it.

More Time to Focus on The Important Stuff

You can’t afford to spend major time on minor things. That’s a total waste! Your sights should be set on a bigger price.

Real progress starts by planning how you’re going to spend your time and mental energy wisely and putting that into action.

If you have the reliable extra hands of a virtual assistant for calendar management, you’ll avoid the calendar clutter, have more freedom to focus on what truly matters and then take your business further.

Who is the Best Virtual Assistant to Manage Calendar

Below are the skills and qualities you should look for in your VA to manage calendar.

  • Organizational skills
  • Time management skills
  • Communication skills
  • Priority management skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Flexible
  • Responsive
  • Tech-savvy
  • Basic data management skills
  • Willingness to learn

If your VA has all these qualities, you’ll get to enjoy a clutter-free workday!

How to Get Your Virtual Assistant to Manage Calendar Started

Choosing your virtual assistant is just the first step to getting started. To make the collaboration effective, you got to put in the work and embrace your role as their boss.

  • Teach the Basics

    Get your virtual assistant acquainted with your business. This includes understanding your goals and values as an organization and how you work. To do that, you need to provide clear guidelines. Even better, you can create an SOP handbook with written instructions on how you like things done.

  • Communicate

    If you’re working with a virtual assistant agency like VAV Remote, they’ll basically do all the work for you—from training to onboarding. But even if that’s the case, as the boss, you should always maintain communication and be ready to answer questions and give feedback.

  • Use the Right Calendar Management Tools

    Having the right AI calendar assistant will make your virtual assistant more efficient. Reclaim AI is the number-one productivity app that organizes your calendar in the best possible way. Google Calendar is also a great option for calendar management, integrating features like video conferencing and setting reminders.

    For sure, there’s an AI-free scheduler out there that works best for you and gives you a one-of-a-kind calendar management experience.

Wrapping Up!

The support of a virtual assistant to manage calendar leaves you with more resources to invest in critical mission projects. Do you know what that means? By utilizing them for calendar management, you’re not just reducing your workload or making sure you’re not missing important events—you’re building for growth.

So, don’t get comfortable with getting by in the office; thrive in a productive work life.

Hire a virtual assistant!